Domain change

Hello everyone! Just to give you all an update, my site is now hosted as as the primary domain. This is to make the site easier to remember for all of you as well as better representative of the blog as a whole. Thanks for understanding through all of the changes! Continue reading Domain change

Re: The Daily Page

Prompt – Describe your mom and your relationship? My mother is a woman that loves animals, loves helping people, and enjoys her work. She works for a non-profit focused on helping. She doesn’t make a lot of money at her 9-5 but she enjoys it and living with my step-father and sister. My relationship with … Continue reading Re: The Daily Page


To all the loyal followers, I am doing an upgrade of the blog throughout the next few days to give the site a refresh and I hope to gain more followers throughout this upgrade. I am making plans for new posts for the page. I look forward to talking with you all. Continue reading Update