Domain change

Hello everyone! Just to give you all an update, my site is now hosted as as the primary domain. This is to make the site easier to remember for all of you as well as better representative of the blog as a whole. Thanks for understanding through all of the changes! Continue reading Domain change

Tribute: Euro

Backstory When I was 11 years old, my mother was dating someone she had been with for years who also was our landlord and had allowed us to have a pet for the first time already in our few years old cat Patches. One night, her boyfriend shows up at the house with a small … Continue reading Tribute: Euro

Tribute: Marc

More than 21 years ago, my mother adopted a little kitten (6 weeks old) named Franc. My dad, although not pleased, was willing to accept a new cat. Little did he know, the next day my mom went back and brought home his littermate Marc. Marc was a black kitten who just wanted to be … Continue reading Tribute: Marc

Tribute: Penny

RIP Penny: October 28th, 2009 – September 27th, 2016 A few years ago, in 2012, my family lost our first dog Shadow after a horrible liver failure situation. We had only had him for 3 years and he was 9 years old when he died. It broke all of ourĀ hearts to lose him, especially my … Continue reading Tribute: Penny

Separation Anxiety

This isn’t something I’m necessarily proud of, and those who have read my posts, especially my poetry and rants from about a year ago now, know that I have a terrible problem that occurs in my relationships recently. It drives me crazy and I have no idea how to properly deal with it. This isn’t … Continue reading Separation Anxiety

Why I haven’t posted

It’s been awhile since I have posted and that was not intended since I was doing so well keeping the posts coming out at least once a week. For me, since my classes are ending for the semester soon and I’ll have a month off before the summer ones start, expect posts to return to … Continue reading Why I haven’t posted