Re: Daily Page (Part 6)

Prompt – What’s the most important lesson you learned this year?

In my recent post about the new year, I talked about some of the lessons I’ve learned. The ones I listed aren’t anywhere near all of them. There are many more.

The most important lessons are always learned after something difficult occurs that makes you realize what you can take whether you want to or not.

This year, that lesson, is that the unexpected doesn’t always have to be bad. The best things that happen in your life are going to be the very things that scare you.

This is why there’s a magnet in my aunt’s house that says this: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” This can be anything from walking a different way home to asking someone to hang out that terrifies you. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be better for it.

The reason this lesson means more to me lately is with my situation. Earlier in the year, I talked about the person I had been with for about 2.5 years. We started dating in July before my junior year of high school. We broke up at the end of September.

After the breakup, we continued to do something I’m ashamed of, we started having “casual sex” once a week during October. I was lonely and he was the best connection I had, but in my brain I knew it wasn’t going to work. I was simply clinging to what I knew whether it was healthy or not.

When we finally got into a fight after that, I was fuming, we had lost the ability to communicate because I had been stupid and selfish. He felt like he couldn’t tell me anything and had been stringing me along on a thread. That made me shatter into pieces in front of one of our friends and such as soon as I got away from him.

Middle of December came around, and someone was acting strange around me. He had told me we shouldn’t talk anymore, I was confused and felt hurt like I had done something, and I spent the next 24 hours wondering what was going on. If he was hurt; I wasn’t going to do anything to make it worse.

Then he asked to talk to me the next night. He admitted to liking me a lot. After that, we talked through the entire night until he had to leave for class the next morning. We spent the next 2 weeks together before break began and throughout that time I admitted to liking him back.

When you spend that much time getting to know someone in whatever way, you get to know them and if they open up to you, a connection forms. I started falling and that was terrifying.

We have began dating even though I had planned on hiding away for a couple more months, but that’s how things are. Life threw everything at me and expected me to hold on for life. I made it to the end of the year.

Sometimes the unexpected happen and that’s alright. The people you thought would be there forever sometimes aren’t going to keep that promise, but you will find those who will be in time.

That’s the most important thing I learned this year.


  1. What would your answer to this question be? If you have a good one, make a post about it and link me to it.
  2. Do you agree with what I’ve said here?

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