Re: Daily Page (Part 4)

Prompt – Who’s the one person from your past you’d like to reconnect with? When I was about 5 years old, I made my first friend outside of my family. At the time, I was very quiet and reserved and didn’t like to talk to those around me much. He came up to me and … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 4)

The New

I know I shouldn’t; I shouldn’t compare, But It came to mind. All the difference. One was distant; One is always close. One was closed; One is open. One sped my heart; One slows it to peace. One focused on nothing; One focuses on the important. One pushed me away; One holds me close. And … Continue reading The New

Love Again

It can be scary, Moving on again. You don’t miss them, But there are scars. Many things stay: The memories; The lessons; And changes you make. You leave differently. For better or worse, It changes you. Then, you move on. I did it Quicker then expected I loved him but, It never would’ve worked. I … Continue reading Love Again

How I Let Go

Every moment The last couple years I spent with them At my side Getting over it hurts It goes day by day Some are painful Others are clear Until today Was up all night I feel much better Went time without thinking I’ve never done that Not since it ended How should i feel About … Continue reading How I Let Go