I’ve spent too much time committing the same crime I don’t know how to stop to help me to the top   My confidence stays low even as I start to glow I’m not saying I don’t try, but everyday I still cry   Each day is more of a chore it hits me at … Continue reading Confidence

Poem 1/21/16

Laying on this bed Thinking of why I fled from the one I now love.   We fit almost too well; It’s scary how hard I fell; I fell fast.   We met not long ago; Now I have this glow everywhere I go.   For the first time, I feel in my prime like … Continue reading Poem 1/21/16


Sitting on a flight, States away from home, A thought came to me: “What’s it all for?”   Most days, We’re on routine: Work, play, eat, and sleep; Until our time is all used.   Most times, Nothing happens; Day after day, Until everything changes.   Suddenly, it changes. New love; New family; Or even … Continue reading Flying