Re: Daily Page

Who are you thankful for? I’m thankful for the many people that are special to me in my life. I am also thankful for all the pets I’ve had that have improved my life. This includes my family and friends. My parents, although they haven’t been perfect, care for me and want me to succeed … Continue reading Re: Daily Page

Re: Daily Page (Part 27)

Prompt – Why do you write?  Describe the feeling that writing brings you.  Writing is an escape. I have always been searching for a way to properly cope with the things that happen in life. I used to have terribly unhealthy habits that I used for this purpose. When I write about various prompts or stories, … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 27)

Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Prompt – What is one habit you have now that you wished you developed earlier in life? I wish I had developed my habit of writing, and reading, more frequently throughout my earlier childhood. Although I’ve always loved reading, I never got into a habit of actually scheduling the time to do these things and now … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Re: Daily Page (Part 25)

Prompt – What’s one thing at work that you can’t seem to get done?  I don’t have a job that requires much effort yet, but I am in summer classes at my university and have something that for whatever reasons I’m terrible at. For me, that’s memorizing functional groups. I’m taking organic chemistry 1 for the … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 25)

Re: Daily Page (Part 24)

Prompt – What’s the most common excuse you make? What do you think would happen if you avoided saying it altogether?  My biggest thing that I give excuses about is the fact that I’m overly attached to people that I enjoy being around. In my case, this was my father when I was younger and now … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 24)

Re: Daily Page (Part 22)

Prompt – How are you unique? How are you just like everyone else?  I’m unique due to the beliefs I have and the way my personality has formed throughout my childhood. I’m someone who enjoyed being independent of my mother as a child but loves being around my significant other all the time. I don’t like … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 22)

Re: Daily Page (Part 21)

Prompt – Talk about your fondest memory. Who were you with? What were you doing?  When I was younger, my fondest memories were playing games with my friends. This mainly included the one friend I had since I was five years old. We would play everything on the playground together then, and it would grow into … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 21)