Prompt – Describe your Dad

My Dad has been my hero throughout my life so far.

He’s a bigger man that’s about 6 feet tall with a bald head and weighs a little more than he should. He looks scary, but he is a big teddy bear that doesn’t hate anyone.

For me, I’m his only child since my siblings have a different birth father than me. That’s given me a very close attachment to him compared to other kids that share their parent with other people.

He is a very opinionated man that is definitely a liberal in a financial and social sense throughout my entire life. He’s from a conservative state and disagrees with many people around him, but attempts to say his opinions in a respectful manner, but fights back against those that say things that are proven to be incorrect or try to put words in his mouth. He taught me how to think about political and personal issues.

He always taught me through answering the different questions that I asked. He always answered and never ignored my questions just because I was too young. I miss him since he lives far away since I was 18 and I only visit once a year for about 2 weeks.

He’s my favorite person that has always been there when my other family wasn’t.

Thanks Dad.

Re: Daily Page

Who are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for the many people that are special to me in my life. I am also thankful for all the pets I’ve had that have improved my life.

This includes my family and friends. My parents, although they haven’t been perfect, care for me and want me to succeed at whatever I want to do in life. My grandparents, one set who helped raise me, that teach me what it means to be good people. My partner, who gives me all of the attention and support I need to get through the bad days and to enjoy all the good ones.

My friends that help give me the support I need and the enjoyment of life that we all need to feel fulfilled.

Re: Daily Page (Part 27)

Prompt – Why do you write?  Describe the feeling that writing brings you. 

Writing is an escape.

I have always been searching for a way to properly cope with the things that happen in life. I used to have terribly unhealthy habits that I used for this purpose.

When I write about various prompts or stories, I feel like I have an outlet for my creativity that no one can judge me for. When I write my poetry and personal stories, I finally am able to feel as if I gave a situation it’s due time and can move forward with my life.

I post responses to prompts like this one, stories, personal experiences, and poetry which all make up what I consider to be my life story. Everyone is different and has their own story and should share it in their own way that works for them.


  1. What are your outlets that you use for coping?
  2. What are your recommendations to those searching for their own outlet


Since my semester is now over and I have the summer ahead of me, I plan on taking more time towards my writing. This means working through these prompts and picking the best one each week.

Thank you to those that have stuck with me! It means a lot to know my writing is getting to someone out there and hopefully helping.

Writing Prompt – Incubate (Response)


Thank you to those of you that have stuck around and I apologize for the long hiatus from posting that has gone on in the last months, I strive to avoid doing this, but life got in the way. The summer is in less than 2 months now and I plan on posting more once that arrives.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy my infrequent posting until the spring semester is over.

Now for the prompt..

It can take a long time for certain things to become obvious to different people. This can be anything, ranging from small minute details to major life decisions…

For me, it just recently came to my mind that my previous career goal is something that might not be the best idea for me and my future. This came about due to the schooling, that I don’t believe anymore that I’m cut out for, and the amount of debt I would go into when I can find another way to work with animals instead.

My previous goal was to become a Veterinarian in order to help animals heal, especially because of what I had seen my own pets deal with since no one knew how to help them. I have now seen that my new goal should be something less academically driven due to the struggles that I’ve had throughout my undergrad career thus far.

via Daily Prompt: Incubate

Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Prompt – What is one habit you have now that you wished you developed earlier in life?

I wish I had developed my habit of writing, and reading, more frequently throughout my earlier childhood. Although I’ve always loved reading, I never got into a habit of actually scheduling the time to do these things and now it’s much harder to build the habit now that I’m in college and have a part-time job with other sorts of responsibilities.

For me, reading is not just something I do for gaining new information, it’s something I do because it helps me escape the real world for at least some amount of time to get me absorbed in a story. It’s a safe place that I’m able to have and transport to whenever I need a break from the rest of my life.

Also, writing gives me a few different things that nothing else has. No matter where I’m at, it gives me a chance to get any issues I have down on paper so that I can look at them later when my emotions are less to help with perspective. It also allows me to work through any of my goals that I want to set for myself with a specific timeline that other people can see about my next step. This can involve either the blog I have, my coursework, new skills, or even just giving myself more time for hobbies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you read for fun? If so, what genres do you enjoy reading and do you have set times set aside for this?
  2. If you don’t read for fun, what are the hobbies you have that help you escape from the rest of your busy life?

Re: Daily Page (Part 25)

Prompt – What’s one thing at work that you can’t seem to get done? 

I don’t have a job that requires much effort yet, but I am in summer classes at my university and have something that for whatever reasons I’m terrible at. For me, that’s memorizing functional groups.

I’m taking organic chemistry 1 for the second time this summer because I struggled a lot in the fall with the course and part of that, one of many, was the functional groups and all these other small things we were just expected to know somehow even though there was so much else to try and work out.

The main reason I think this is is that I would think of studying for that part of the exams and then panic about other topics I didn’t understand and try to look at those instead, but It seemed like that just caused me never to progress in the first place.

Re: Daily Page (Part 24)

Prompt – What’s the most common excuse you make? What do you think would happen if you avoided saying it altogether? 

My biggest thing that I give excuses about is the fact that I’m overly attached to people that I enjoy being around. In my case, this was my father when I was younger and now is my partner. This seems to have been caused by the fact that when I was younger my parents got divorced and my dad had to move 3 hours away to find a new job, my mother wasn’t around much for 7 years of my younger childhood, and I stayed with my grandparents during this time.

Nowadays, I make this excuse to my partner whenever I get upset at the thought of spending more than 2-3 days away from them. It is really hard for me to spend that time apart from my partner when I go on vacation or anything away.

If I stopped making excuses about it because I feel bad for being clingy, the hope would be that I could get through the issue with help from a counselor at some point. That is one of my goals, especially once I’m in a position to see a counselor more frequently than while I’m in school.

Also, I need to work towards being more independent because if I get into vet school then I will require more time alone in order to study enough to get through. Another problem is that the person I am with at that point, hopefully, my current partner, will likely not be able to follow me there.

Re: Daily Page (Part 23)

Prompt – Describe a time when you were heartbroken. What happened? What did you do to get out of it? 

Back in September of 2015, I and my partner of 2.5 years broke up through a very complicated serious of events. We thought we were going to be together forever and it came as a shock to both our families that it was ending the way it did.

It started off as me wondering what was causing them to act differently than usual and they only told me that they weren’t feeling well. Little did I know at the time, but really they were struggling to see if I would change what I was doing wrong on my own without telling me anything. Later I would find out that they were telling other people all of our problems.

After many conversations leading nowhere due to my inability to give them space and their inability to tell me what was going on and if we were done, it wound up ending pretty ugly. There was no cheating, but there was a lot of pain on both ends, but I never could see any emotions from their side about the relationship ending.

I’m not proud of my reaction to the relationship ending and I refuse to talk about it now, but I resorted to an old coping mechanism that is very unhealthy for a short period of time.


What I got out of the relationship ending was that I need to pay more attention to the other person in the relationship instead of just my side of things. That was my biggest takeaway.

Also, never be afraid to ask for help. One of the things that helped me through it the most was that I was seeing a counselor at the time anyways and that allowed me to have a place to vent while I struggled through the breakup.


  1. When were you last heartbroken and what occurred?
  2. How did you get through your last breakup with somebody that you were with for a long time?
  3. Have you ever seen a counselor, if so, what for?

Re: Daily Page (Part 22)

Prompt – How are you unique? How are you just like everyone else? 

I’m unique due to the beliefs I have and the way my personality has formed throughout my childhood.

I’m someone who enjoyed being independent of my mother as a child but loves being around my significant other all the time. I don’t like people knowing about the emotions I am feeling from the outside but really want to find one person who understands everything that is going on inside of my body. I enjoy writing and reading when I have free time but feel guilty for not doing something more productive with the time I have due to my college work.

I’m like everybody else because of the basic things I need.

I’m someone who just really wants one person that I can be with forever. I want to be able to spend my time in a career that I love after college. This is scary because it may mean I never get there due to the situation surrounding ever getting into the schooling it requires. I want to have friends that really care about me and the goals I have for my life.

Every person is different and the same in their own ways. We all have certain needs that have to be met for us to be happy but we also have things that make us our own.


Re: Daily Page (Part 21)

Prompt – Talk about your fondest memory. Who were you with? What were you doing? 

When I was younger, my fondest memories were playing games with my friends. This mainly included the one friend I had since I was five years old. We would play everything on the playground together then, and it would grow into computer games and others like it in the years to come. Although we don’t talk to each other that much anymore, I still love everything that we did together and will never forget them. They were my first friend.

The fondest memory I had was when we would play Roblox on the internet together and would be on the phone. Even though this is something so simple, looking back on it now, it was something that always helped me relax. No matter how stressed I was that day from family, or school, this friend was someone I could turn to and just be myself without much worry.

No one’s perfect, but I don’t need a perfect moment in order for it to be one I look back on fondly whenever need be.

Me and this person even dated for awhile a few years back because of how close we were. Every now and then I miss those times, but that’s mainly because of the simple truths of that time. If we were upset, we told the other person. If things were hard, we told them what was going on. It wasn’t as complicated as things are today and I miss that dearly to this day.