The wolf is my favorite animal and has been my entire life, but many think it’s just because I find it cool. I do, but there’s so much more to why I love the animal and how it winds up in all of my writings and now as I learn to draw it’s the start … Continue reading Wolf


Re: Mirror Prompt (TW: self-harm mention)

Background This post is in response to a prompt written at https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/08/13/weekly-prompts-weekend-challenge-mirror/ where we’re supposed to talk about that whether through words, poetry or pictures. This is how I hope to revive this blog more since I’ve been struggling in my personal life which has effected my ability to write as often as I’ve wanted … Continue reading Re: Mirror Prompt (TW: self-harm mention)

My Current Pain

The last week has been one of the largest emotional rollercoasters I’ve had in a long time. I was convinced I was about to lose my best friend because of our continual emotional problems that have caused us to have either conflict or just drifting apart because of the relationship focusing too much on our … Continue reading My Current Pain

Mistake of 2022 for Me

When my best friend was planning her death a few months ago, which she is improving now, me and her sent letters to each other detailing how much we cared. I spent hours writing these letters and she did the same. I will never forget how I felt reading those and I refuse to take … Continue reading Mistake of 2022 for Me


This post is just a notice that I’ll be going on vacation starting tomorrow and won’t be posting again until Sunday, July 17th. I truly appreciate all of you that reguraly read my posts. As always thank you for reading and give me any ideas for posts that you would like to see from me. … Continue reading Vacation

Life Insanity

It’s been a difficult year for me, and all of my family, with the various losses that we’ve all faced. I’ve lost 2/4 of my grandparents this year, my dad has started showing his own age, and my best friend has had many suicidal ideations and attempts in the last several months; it doesn’t need … Continue reading Life Insanity