This post is just a notice that I’ll be going on vacation starting tomorrow and won’t be posting again until Sunday, July 17th. I truly appreciate all of you that reguraly read my posts. As always thank you for reading and give me any ideas for posts that you would like to see from me. … Continue reading Vacation

Life Insanity

It’s been a difficult year for me, and all of my family, with the various losses that we’ve all faced. I’ve lost 2/4 of my grandparents this year, my dad has started showing his own age, and my best friend has had many suicidal ideations and attempts in the last several months; it doesn’t need … Continue reading Life Insanity


I’ve been having numerous nightmares over the last several months about losing different people. It’s mostly been between my best friend and my father, but they’ve been incredibly vivid and terrifying to think about when I wake up from them. Even my cat, who’s always in tune with my emotions, will start kneading on me … Continue reading Nightmares


Some mornings I wake up from a nightmare taking several minutes before I become aware. I come to my senses still with a tremor coming from the nightmare as an aggressor. This terror can last for hours or the whole day, but it’s always impossible to make go away. These last few months there’s always … Continue reading Fading

What is beauty in people?

I find the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” to be very discriminatory and problematic in the way it’s phrased. I understand that every person can be beautiful to another person when it comes to attraction in relationships, but there are humans out there are not due to their insides not being … Continue reading What is beauty in people?