Prompt – What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from a stranger?

The best piece of advice I got about relationships came from a homeless man standing near the road closest to my favorite restaurant in my college town. Me and my new partner of only a couple months were walking to this restaurant since neither of us had a car at the time.

We were walking by holding hands and talking trying to walk by the man without incident because many of them would harass us for money if we acknowledged them. The man looked at us and told us to remember why we loved each other and to always forgive whenever possible. He made it sound like we reminded him of the start of one of his most important relationships that he had before he wound up in his homeless situation.

Ever since then, I’ve attempted to remember that not everything that happens needs to be thought about forever. It is okay to forgive and forget and make a relationship work out long term.

Me and my partner have now been together for 4.5 years and I still take this advice to heart.

Prompt – Describe your Dad

My Dad has been my hero throughout my life so far.

He’s a bigger man that’s about 6 feet tall with a bald head and weighs a little more than he should. He looks scary, but he is a big teddy bear that doesn’t hate anyone.

For me, I’m his only child since my siblings have a different birth father than me. That’s given me a very close attachment to him compared to other kids that share their parent with other people.

He is a very opinionated man that is definitely a liberal in a financial and social sense throughout my entire life. He’s from a conservative state and disagrees with many people around him, but attempts to say his opinions in a respectful manner, but fights back against those that say things that are proven to be incorrect or try to put words in his mouth. He taught me how to think about political and personal issues.

He always taught me through answering the different questions that I asked. He always answered and never ignored my questions just because I was too young. I miss him since he lives far away since I was 18 and I only visit once a year for about 2 weeks.

He’s my favorite person that has always been there when my other family wasn’t.

Thanks Dad.

Prompt: Compose a conversation about something that keeps you up at night. It can be something you find deeply compelling, irritating, scary, or fascinating. It can be current or something you felt when you were younger. The conversation can be between you and your closest friend, you and your shrink, or you and a family member.

My deepest anxiety has been the same since I was a young child at three years old after the divorce of my parents after a long thought out relationship. My mother wasn’t around me and my siblings much for next few years after the divorce, which has always given me a fear of abandonment.

I always have to remind myself that my partner is not going anywhere even though we’ve been together for almost 4 years. We have talked about marriage and our future together. I want it to stay that way and continue forward.

It has give me anxiety when they’re away from me for long periods of time even though I know where they are and who they’re with. It’s nothing that they’ve done that has caused me to be this way with our relationship. I have had meltdowns about this during vacations in past years that have lead to breakdowns.

I am working on improving this for the future of my relationship.

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Prompt – Describe the events leading up to your kiss.

It was 4th of July in 2011. Me and my current partner had been going back and forth about whether the relationship was a good idea, but they invited me to this independence day party to have a friend there.

After awhile, we took a long walk around their neighborhood that ended in us sitting on the sidewalk for a long time. We talked about life and about what we wanted for our future. At the time, that relationship was the closest thing to love that I knew and it was purely innocent. We kissed on the side of that sidewalk.

Even though that relationship ended when I was 14 after only a short few months, I will always treasure the innocence of it and the first kiss I had with that person. It was one of my favorite memories of Freshman year of High School. I truly hope they are well even though our personalities weren’t fit for each other long term.

What types of posts?

Hello followers!

I was wondering if there were any types of blog posts you would be interested in seeing me continue. Do you like the poetry? Prompt responses? or just life updates?

Thanks for your contribution! I hope to be making weekly or every other week posts more regular now that I have settled into a rhythm at my first job.

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Prompt – Talk about the Importance of friendship in your life. Who are some of your best friends?

One of the most important friends in my life is of course my partner. We’ve been together for 3.5 years, we live together, and we share our interests. I explain things about science that they are interested in and they help me with my musical ability when I need the help.

One of my closest online friends I have known for 11 years. We have a very long history of problems during our teen years, but we always came out on top and with a strong bond over time. 11 years is a long time to know so much about them.

My other closest friends are my partner’s sister and her partner. They play video games, we talk about our struggles in life together, and we play music together. There’s no better adult relationship for me just starting out than that.

I’m 22 and I hope to make even more friends in the future that improve my life.

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Who are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for the many people that are special to me in my life. I am also thankful for all the pets I’ve had that have improved my life.

This includes my family and friends. My parents, although they haven’t been perfect, care for me and want me to succeed at whatever I want to do in life. My grandparents, one set who helped raise me, that teach me what it means to be good people. My partner, who gives me all of the attention and support I need to get through the bad days and to enjoy all the good ones.

My friends that help give me the support I need and the enjoyment of life that we all need to feel fulfilled.

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Prompt – You are hired to organize a new religion. What are the main themes of your religion?

If I were to create a new religion. I would want the way a person acts to determine their fate throughout the life on earth and the afterlife. There would be multiple pillars of how to act towards other people.

1) Everyone would be required to be kind to one another. This would mean no violence or things like it would be tolerated.

2) There would be a requirement to actually discuss and hear other people within the faith out on what they were looking into changing.

3) If the person lives with the intention of being kind to other people, then after their life on earth they would be able to go to the afterlife they want.

I’m struggling….

I used to struggle with life. I wanted to end it when things got hard.

I used to need help getting through each day. I needed comfort from those around me in order to cope with life.

Now, I’m scared of death. I don’t ever want it all to end or get harder.

I can’t see myself living without my partner and family. How do I cope without knowing what happens for us next?

Enough is Enough

I let myself go from the happiness I had some time ago.

At one time I was filled with joy, not unlike a newly young boy.

Lately I have let fear win instead of thinking of what I hold dear.

I just started getting help instead of letting myself just cry out and yelp.

My partner has seen me cry,

but doesn’t know what to do other than pry.

I need better methods to learn to cope to help give myself hope.

Sometimes hope feels far away and work just like a tightened rope.

How do I feel at ease, when sometimes all I want is to freeze?