I thought I knew what it meant as I grew each day I live is one less to give   My place was there in that house I care I was to stay with them to flow from the same stem   I had few friends who are here that I hold quite this dear … Continue reading Home


I’ve spent too much time committing the same crime I don’t know how to stop to help me to the top   My confidence stays low even as I start to glow I’m not saying I don’t try, but everyday I still cry   Each day is more of a chore it hits me at … Continue reading Confidence

Poem 1/21/16

Laying on this bed Thinking of why I fled from the one I now love.   We fit almost too well; It’s scary how hard I fell; I fell fast.   We met not long ago; Now I have this glow everywhere I go.   For the first time, I feel in my prime like … Continue reading Poem 1/21/16

The New

I know I shouldn’t; I shouldn’t compare, But It came to mind. All the difference. One was distant; One is always close. One was closed; One is open. One sped my heart; One slows it to peace. One focused on nothing; One focuses on the important. One pushed me away; One holds me close. And … Continue reading The New

Poem Rant

I don’t understand Its all confusing me Not like I thought it’d be One day I’m fine The next its over I want to take cover I still am breaking As I sit here thinking About fixing or ending I’m getting mixed signals We say it’s over But is that true We just laid together … Continue reading Poem Rant