Be Myself

As I sit here on my own, I hold back a quiet groan. I feel like this most of the time: like I’ve committed a sort of crime.   I was always quiet and sad: something made me glad; someone came into my life; as if like a small pocket knife.   I never expected … Continue reading Be Myself

Right Now

It’s been a great year It’s felt incredibly long I’m now back in gear I was very wrong It’s almost the end I am still excited Those I’ll befriend Laying here in bed. I think of those around The ones I’ll leave I’m bound to see again I choose to believe It might be painful … Continue reading Right Now

Falling Apart

Life isn’t easy Sometimes it’s hard One thing we know It’s easy to fall apart It’s hard to get up Everyone telling you It’ll be alright Not always true Sometimes it happens You lose yourself You break down It’s alright though You just need help You have to get up Get up first Before this … Continue reading Falling Apart