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Be Myself

As I sit here on my own,

I hold back a quiet groan.

I feel like this most of the time:

like I’ve committed a sort of crime.


I was always quiet and sad:

something made me glad;

someone came into my life;

as if like a small pocket knife.


I never expected this:

this overwhelming kiss.

it’s a new feeling for me:

this feeling of being free.


he brought me from the bottom:

just like the leaves of autumn.

he built me back to myself:

like a book to the shelf.


I forgot what that felt like:

the confidence of a spike;

the sensitivity I left behind;

to avoid the daily grind.


It’s back now though

and I now know.

it’s something I can do

to be myself too.


I need him close to

help me face my foes,

inside and out,

it removes all doubt.

Right Now

It’s been a great year
It’s felt incredibly long
I’m now back in gear
I was very wrong

It’s almost the end
I am still excited
Those I’ll befriend
Laying here in bed.

I think of those around
The ones I’ll leave
I’m bound to see again
I choose to believe

It might be painful
But I choose this
Over the complainful
Analysis of years later

I prefer taking a chance
To pursue my goal
A time to advance
This gives me control

I think of those around
The ones I’ll leave
I’m bound to see again
I choose to believe

Doubt is worth it
Worth fighting through
It is hard to admit
To become anew

Doubt is needed
It gives you fear
To battle far ahead
Each and every year

I think of those around
The ones I’ll leave
I’m bound to see again
I choose to believe
Even if it’s naive

Falling Apart

Life isn’t easy
Sometimes it’s hard

One thing we know
It’s easy to fall apart
It’s hard to get up

Everyone telling you
It’ll be alright
Not always true

Sometimes it happens
You lose yourself
You break down

It’s alright though
You just need help
You have to get up

Get up first
Before this occurs

It’s not your fault
It never will be
But you choose it

You choose to recover
Before or after
You fall apart

Just remember this
It takes longer
It  takes more feeling
And more help

Not to fall apart
To pick back up
Those pieces hurt
You might get cut

The first step
Find someone
Anyone you trust
Let it happen

You can fall apart
Just promise me
Just promise yourself
To get back up
Everyone falls.

Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (Precious Object)

The Challenge

First, I know I missed 2 different days for day 6 and day 7. I didn’t have much to say for day 6 at the time and was very busy with other things going on, but I will try and incorporate them into future posts to make up for it. I’m sorry about those things, but I hope you understand that life sometimes happens.

Now, the challenge for today. It’s day 8 and the challenge for today is to pick an important object of some kind from inside your drawer. It also involves a specific device and form of poetry. For anyone interested in the challenge itself, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy reading.

Thank you for any and all advice. Any is appreciated, all I ask is that it stays mature.

The Poem – My Heart

When I look into my possessions,

I look back on one in specific.

The one I wear every day.

I received it when I was young.

It was a mere few years ago,

from an old friend of years.

I look at it all the time.

The way it looks to me

It’s the same all the time.

I stare at it each hour

looking for power;

power to be myself.

It reminds me of something;

I don’t need to be afraid

of myself or others.

When I was given it

I had no idea of this;

this impact it would have.

Thank you the one who gave it.

I am not going to forget

all it gets me through.

5 Years later,

I remember all of it;

every real moment.

I know we don’t talk much.

That’s alright by me:

Do you remember?

You told me this:

I won’t forget you.

Did you mean it?

I know I meant it;

I’ll never forget;

always my old friend.


I know I only did the topic of the prompt and not the other parts. This was due mainly to the topic I came up with not being as applicable to the other areas of the prompt. Let me know if you think I could twist it into the other parts and I will give it another try in a different post in a time I can.

Thank you for reading if you got through it. Any advice is welcome. I am sorry that these prompt challenge responses have been all rough drafts, but I like being real with you guys and putting onto paper what I feel at the time. Let me know what you guys think.

Re: Writing 201- Poetry (Foggy Mind)

The Challenge

It’s day five of the challenge already. Almost over with the first half of the challenge. This one is about bringing the idea of fog, in some form, into the poem. It also includes using a metaphor and a specific form of poetry. If anyone is interested in that, here is the link to the challenge itself.

Thank you for reading or commenting on this poem. Any feedback or help is always accepted and welcome here. Any of it will be appreciated. Enjoy reading and good luck to fellow Writing 201 classmates that are reading here. We’re almost halfway done.

The Poem – My Mind

As the days roll into night

the nightmares bite.

I fight this with all my might, but

am controlled by fright.

These nightmares attack my soul.

They always take their toll;

It attacks me as a whole.

My heart and soul.

I awake each morning

feeling a warning.

I give myself a scorning

and the same warning.

This is avoid it from happening.

My abandoning of reason, or

this great new challenging

and saddening fear.

It causes this dense fog;

this constant clog.

This is every night.

That I fight.

Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (My Wolf)

The Challenge

Well, day four of the challenge is already here somehow. This time the poem is supposed to be about a specific animal. Also, it’s supposed to have a sentence that is on one line and continues or ends on another. It has a third part to it called concrete that I can’t do because of problems I’m having with wordpress’s posting which I hope to fix at some point. Here’s the link if you’re interested in the challenge.

Thank you for reading this poem and any feedback you can give me on how to improve it. I’m trying to improve with these poems and other posts when I find the inspiration to.

The Poem – My Wolf

My favorite animal known

since I first have grown

has always been the wolf.

It appears in my dreams

while I sleep in streams of despair.

It brings me a new sense of peace.

My dreams are full of hate;

they make me see my fate, or

what I think is the gate to my fate.

Wolves have always been there

to help me clear the fearful air.

They fill my heart with more life

more than the old sacred knife.

To put it simply,

my heart can feel limply,

as time continues on for me.

Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (Trust)

The Challenge

So, It is day three in the poetry part of Writing 201. The challenge today is to make a poem involving in some way the idea of trust (or distrust) of something else. It also involves a type of device and a new form. If anyone is interested in seeing what those exactly are, here is the link to the challenge itself.

Thank you for any feedback given. If any more information or conversation is wanted, the comments are more than open for anyone to post in. I’m sorry that only people with accounts can comment, this is to prevent spam of any kind. Thank you for reading.

The Poem – Him

By myself

Every day before

This time I start anew

Reaching through to life

Against all the many odds

Your last lonely penny spent

All on one last attempted hope

Lay on top the slope this one time

I’ve learned this one thing now

Strength is hard to bring

My present sense

Your tense assistance

Follows me everywhere

Earning a rare place to me

Against all the demons I have

Rests the reasons I know in you

Re: Writing 201 – Poetry ( Journey of Life )

The Challenge

So, it’s day 2. Although I wasn’t able to post immediately following the challenge, I think doing it in the same day counts. For me it was posted around 7 or 8pm in my area causing it to conflict with something else, but I promised myself I would keep up with the challenge.

This challenge is about creating a limerick with influence from the word titled Journey. If you’re interested in what a limerick is or the rest of the challenge’s wording. Here’s that link for you. Thank you for reading and any and all feedback given.

The Poem-My Best Friend

Well, Although all is good.

He always does all he could.

My goal is this.

To Never let things go amiss.

A lot like my own childhood.

I live life very strange.

It’s always hard to arrange.

For those who surround.

My home’s piece of ground.

I struggle sometimes to change.

This is true of all.

We face the same brawl.

It’s hard.

We have no guard.

Battling a stonewall.

Thank you

I wrote this in a short amount of time, but I like it. I had to search for things to help me rhyme with. I’m not the best at thinking of that on my own. Any advice would be helpful.

Re: Writing 201 – Water ( Storm )

The Challenge

This post is in response to the Writing 201 – Poetry challenge day 1 labeled Water. It talks about using a haiku which is used with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. The topic is meant to be something involving water. This is my first attempt at a haiku so any advice would be useful. Thank you for reading and I hope you check out the other people taking part in the challenge.

The Poem

Life is like a sea.

Sometimes full and sometimes bare.

It acts as an oasis.