Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (My Wolf)

The Challenge

Well, day four of the challenge is already here somehow. This time the poem is supposed to be about a specific animal. Also, it’s supposed to have a sentence that is on one line and continues or ends on another. It has a third part to it called concrete that I can’t do because of problems I’m having with wordpress’s posting which I hope to fix at some point. Here’s the link if you’re interested in the challenge.

Thank you for reading this poem and any feedback you can give me on how to improve it. I’m trying to improve with these poems and other posts when I find the inspiration to.

The Poem – My Wolf

My favorite animal known

since I first have grown

has always been the wolf.

It appears in my dreams

while I sleep in streams of despair.

It brings me a new sense of peace.

My dreams are full of hate;

they make me see my fate, or

what I think is the gate to my fate.

Wolves have always been there

to help me clear the fearful air.

They fill my heart with more life

more than the old sacred knife.

To put it simply,

my heart can feel limply,

as time continues on for me.

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