Re: Writing 201- Poetry (Foggy Mind)

The Challenge

It’s day five of the challenge already. Almost over with the first half of the challenge. This one is about bringing the idea of fog, in some form, into the poem. It also includes using a metaphor and a specific form of poetry. If anyone is interested in that, here is the link to the challenge itself.

Thank you for reading or commenting on this poem. Any feedback or help is always accepted and welcome here. Any of it will be appreciated. Enjoy reading and good luck to fellow Writing 201 classmates that are reading here. We’re almost halfway done.

The Poem – My Mind

As the days roll into night

the nightmares bite.

I fight this with all my might, but

am controlled by fright.

These nightmares attack my soul.

They always take their toll;

It attacks me as a whole.

My heart and soul.

I awake each morning

feeling a warning.

I give myself a scorning

and the same warning.

This is avoid it from happening.

My abandoning of reason, or

this great new challenging

and saddening fear.

It causes this dense fog;

this constant clog.

This is every night.

That I fight.

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