Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (Precious Object)

The Challenge

First, I know I missed 2 different days for day 6 and day 7. I didn’t have much to say for day 6 at the time and was very busy with other things going on, but I will try and incorporate them into future posts to make up for it. I’m sorry about those things, but I hope you understand that life sometimes happens.

Now, the challenge for today. It’s day 8 and the challenge for today is to pick an important object of some kind from inside your drawer. It also involves a specific device and form of poetry. For anyone interested in the challenge itself, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy reading.

Thank you for any and all advice. Any is appreciated, all I ask is that it stays mature.

The Poem – My Heart

When I look into my possessions,

I look back on one in specific.

The one I wear every day.

I received it when I was young.

It was a mere few years ago,

from an old friend of years.

I look at it all the time.

The way it looks to me

It’s the same all the time.

I stare at it each hour

looking for power;

power to be myself.

It reminds me of something;

I don’t need to be afraid

of myself or others.

When I was given it

I had no idea of this;

this impact it would have.

Thank you the one who gave it.

I am not going to forget

all it gets me through.

5 Years later,

I remember all of it;

every real moment.

I know we don’t talk much.

That’s alright by me:

Do you remember?

You told me this:

I won’t forget you.

Did you mean it?

I know I meant it;

I’ll never forget;

always my old friend.


I know I only did the topic of the prompt and not the other parts. This was due mainly to the topic I came up with not being as applicable to the other areas of the prompt. Let me know if you think I could twist it into the other parts and I will give it another try in a different post in a time I can.

Thank you for reading if you got through it. Any advice is welcome. I am sorry that these prompt challenge responses have been all rough drafts, but I like being real with you guys and putting onto paper what I feel at the time. Let me know what you guys think.

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