Hunter’s Journey Part 11

Some backstory…

2 years ago, Hunter was stolen from his adoptive mother and adoptive brother by his birth father who wasn’t allowed any visitation due to court order after relinquishing custody.


Luke turns 18 years old today and all he wanted was to have his brother back home with him and his mom. Their dog, Lucky had been depressed since Hunter left and so had their mother.

The cops were still looking for their family member but they only had leads and never were able to find him…until today. The birth father made a mistake by leaving Hunter in the truck by himself.

The man got held up in the store and since it was during the heat of the summer, a woman saw a 13 year old stuck in the car and broke the window in order to rescue him.

“Hey kid, you alright?”

“I feel better now. It was getting hot in that car.”

“What’s your name? We should find your parents.”


Many minutes go by with the woman trying to get the answers out when a cop arrives to see the strange scene since a passerby had called. The officer eventually convinced the boy to admit his name and the situation.

“Son, I’m going to need you to repeat everything that happened. I need to take the full report. You’re safe now.”

“Two years ago, I was kidnapped from my mom. She adopted me.”

“Alright, give us the information and we will check up on it.”

The officer finds all the information in the boy’s case and realizes the horrible past from the case worker that had found them. The mother rushes to the police station that was hours away with her other son Luke and their dog.

“Luke, stay in the car with Lucky.”

She rushes in and takes Hunter home in complete silence in the car. She allows him to go to sleep before saying anything about what had happened.




Tribute: Marc

More than 21 years ago, my mother adopted a little kitten (6 weeks old) named Franc. My dad, although not pleased, was willing to accept a new cat. Little did he know, the next day my mom went back and brought home his littermate Marc.

Marc was a black kitten who just wanted to be pet and fed. He was always mellow and sweet, even if he wasn’t the most playful. The main memories my mother remembers dearly are when she was pregnant with me and he would lay on her and purr. He was looking forward to a family member coming home. He stayed with me forever. When my dad adopted him, after the divorce, he always knew who I was.

The main memories my mother remembers dearly are when she was pregnant with me and he would lay on her and purr. He was looking forward to a family member coming home. He stayed with me forever. When my dad adopted him, after the divorce, he always knew who I was.

When my dad adopted him, after the divorce, he always knew who I was. Not many years after, Marc’s brother Franc died when he suddenly stopped eating and we couldn’t figure out why. Marc was never quite the same cat, but he grew attached to the other cat (my dad adopted 3/5 of the cats after the divorce). Little did we know, Marc would live 14 more years after his brother’s death and for that, I am forever grateful.

Marc eventually would move back in with my mom due to my dad’s inability to move him at such an old age by plane. He lived a great 3 years after my dad moved after losing his job.

In his last week, he developed an enlarged stomach all of a sudden that we couldn’t find an answer for and scheduled a vet appointment. We had no idea at the time, but he would never make it to that appointment.

Marc passed away March 10th a little before 7 am after having what we think was a stroke. My mom was there with him while he had a seizure as she knew this was the end and didn’t have enough time to get him to a vet. My mother called me immediately after so that I could say goodbye in my own way before he was buried. Due to circumstances, I was able to hold him the entire way to where we buried him and cried with my mother.

I have never felt this empty losing an animal before as he was family. All my pets are, but there’s something special about losing the animal that’s been there since before you even were a thought.

RIP Marc. You lived a long and great 21 years and you will be missed. I have no idea if a heaven exists, but if one does, I hope you’re enjoying your time with your brother that you didn’t have for so long. I hope to see you again one day.


One of My Lowest Moments

Before I start..

I’m now in a healthy and happy relationship of a year with a new person and have moved on entirely from what happened here.

This is mainly a reflection of where I don’t want to be at again due to another person’s misunderstanding caused by my own insecurities. If you deal with, at any point, what is talked about in this, get help.

The story

I had been in a relationship for 2.5 years with somebody who I thought was going to last forever. We had, very briefly, joked about the idea of getting engaged to each other in the last 6 months of the relationship. We believed it was going to last, but we changed.

In the last few months, I had become insecure due to moving to college with said partner. We didn’t live together, but spent a majority of our time with each other and it began to cause problems I hadn’t seen. I wasn’t good at taking criticism of the problems on my end and my partner wasn’t good at expressing those needs to me in a way that I could fix.

Near the end, it got to a breaking point where I asked if they wanted to end the relationship. It sounded like they wanted a break and that’s what I thought of it as. It was more than that, but I didn’t want to accept it.

(Trigger Warning)

After this relationship ended, I bothered my ex-partner with texts and a note at one point. I’m not proud of those moments and wish them the best at this point. I will never make that mistake with another person to get that low.

While in counseling, I began hurting myself again for the first time in a very long time. I was hurting myself with sharp keys I had because it was all that was available to me. I told my ex-partner and all they had to say was about the fact that if I went too deep near a certain area that it could kill me. They didn’t care that it was eating me apart and threatened to tell my family about the situation if I didn’t stop.

For me, this was a turning point, I brought myself together due to the fear of losing that secret to people I didn’t want hearing it. Counseling, along with the help of a friend who is now my partner, brought me closer to myself again.

Although I’m in a better place now, I do feel like that was one of my lowest points. It basically showed me that the person who I believed would take care of everything for me can’t and that I have to take care of myself. I made sure to be more careful when I wound up with someone again not too long after.


  1. Has anybody else ever been in a situation that changed their entire view of another person that they loved?
  2. Has anybody else found counseling one of the things that helped them in a stressful time?


Hunter’s Journey Part 10

A couple months go by….

A couple months into the school year and Hunter is slowly adjusting. He is doing very well in math and science with the other advanced kids, he has been switched to a different history class, and he gets daily help with his English skills by his friend Devin and his mother.

It’s the beginning of a new year for Hunter in terms of the calendar and he is starting to feel alright in his new environment. He still sticks to his one friend and gets anxious often, but the school was chosen because of the extra help it would give the young boy.

As the school day comes to a close…

It’s the end of the first day back after Christmas Break. Hunter is waiting for Luke to come get him from his school. Luke is 16 now and has his driver’s liscense due to a lower cost given to their mother.

A car appears in the line that Hunter recognizes. It is the car Luke uses, a very old car given by the owner of the orphanage they came from, and because of the tinted windows for safety, he opens the car door after checking the plates were right and freezes. His birth father grabs him and puts him in the seat.

The teacher, who is standing watching this, immediately knows something is wrong and calls the mother on the phone and says something is very wrong. Luke is seen running towards them after seeing the car and panics. He goes up to the teacher and is told to stay with them and not go after his brother. He takes the phone and talks to his mother.

“Mom? Hunter is in the car and was taken. I don’t know who did it.”

“I have ideas Luke, but I am currently talking to police at my door right now. Stay where you are. The cop that is here is having his partner come and get you in her car so that you’re safe. I’ll be with the other.”

“Is he alright?”

“I hope so Luke. I really do. I found a place to keep Lucky for the night. Our neighbor is taking him in that has the other lab he loves to play with.”


I hope you all enjoy this story so far. If you haven’t seen the rest of the story, it’s about a young boy’s life who was in an orphanage and finally adopted at around 4 years old. He was given up by a mother who was on drugs and didn’t want anything to do with a child and a father who couldn’t afford it by himself, but is thought to have domestic abuse situations that were never brought to trial from previous relationships.

Happy blogging everyone and let me know what you think in the comments.

Hunter’s Journey Part 9

For the new readers

For those of you haven’t read this story through the last 8 parts that occurred about a year ago, This is a story about a young boy who was given up to an orphanage at birth by a mother who didn’t want a son with mental disabilities and a father who had no way to afford the care on his own. The previous parts will show how he was fostered and adopted by these people and his first 6 years of life.

Now, onto his life now

Now, Hunter is 11 years old and beginning middle school. Luke, his brother, is 16 years old now and entering his Junior year of high school. Their dog Lucky is getting older at the age of 7 years old. This is frightening, but most things are well for the old dog.

For Hunter, this transfer is difficult since his Asperger’s makes it harder for him to adjust to a new building, even a new classroom, so the mother has to make the decision of whether he will be in the normal setting with most other children or in one classroom the entire day with a tutor. The decision she makes is to try him out with a tutor for the first couple of weeks until he adjusts to the bus schedule and other things before having him adjust. The principal agrees to this.

His first day…

His mother knew that things would be difficult for someone with these problems entering school alone without his brother there with him, but hopes he can find new friends. Hunter’s principal thought it would be best that, at least at first, he spent recess with the special needs children that also had Autism or Asperger’s syndrome to allow someone to be there that would better understand him. Although this would keep him inside, they knew it wouldn’t bother him since he enjoyed being inside unless he was with his dog.

When he gets to school, he’s sent to a room with other autistic children to get another copy of his new schedule in case he had lost his old one just like the other kids. He would start his day in his math class, continue to science and history, then finish with english before going to band instead of study hall at the end of the day.

His math and science classes were where the child excelled and was put in the highest level courses. He was great at history since it was just memorization, and english was where he struggled since it required talking in front of other children for projects and presentations. For this, he was seeing a tutor to work on his language skills where he would be in a lower level english class for his 6th grade year just to be sure he could handle the middle track.

Math and Science pass without issue as he is in a small room with few other children who are also in the advanced track including one person he had made friends with during his 1st grade year. This friend, Devin, had been helping him communicate with someone other than his family since they had known each other for such a long time.

Although his day started quiet, during history there were problems because he was in a room with 30 students in it that he was not used to. His other classes had not even 1/3rd that many. He was anxious and shaking his leg while clicking his pen due to the noise.

When this happened, he asked his teacher if he could leave the room, and the teacher ignored him. He sat down and got more and more anxious and left the room. The teacher had been told to let him leave the room if he asked first and truly seemed anxious, which he was, but no one listened. He sat outside until a vice principal found him that knew him very well from the old school.

The vice principal allowed him to sit in with the nurse until he calmed down, then he continued on to english with the other children in his class. Because it was the first day, he had very few problems and calmly got through it before going to band.

In band, he was again with his best friend Devin. They both played trumpet and it was their second year in band since they started in 5th grade for beginning band. During the first day, they just spent time warming up, passing out music, introducing everyone, and arranging everyone into seats based on previous knowledge.


I apologize for this post being rambling, but it’s meant to give backstory for the coming parts to this story and hope you read most of it.

For those of you new to this story, it’s a bit of just rambling for now until I go back and possibly edit it.

Happy Blogging!


Hunter’s Journey Part 8

A week after the incident with his father, Hunter is well enough to head back home, but is required to return for visits with a doctor in the area to assist in finding the correct treatment for these attacks. The incident was a great eye opener for Ms Everett and Luke. It reminded them that, even though the three of them were different, they were a family and it was not to be broken.

Ms Everett waits about a month after Hunter returns home to bring something up to the courts and the social worker who checked on him. She was sure he would be best staying with her than moving in with someone else. They agreed that this would be the easiest decision for the child.


After a couple months, the social worker and Ms Everett are finally able to convince the courts to allow her a chance at this adoption. As she already has one adopted son, Luke, it will be difficult to convince them she can afford it, but she is going to do everything she can. Hunter, as much as he can, is showing that he is growing to trust this family, but his lack of communication makes this difficult.

Ms Everett does everything she can to make Hunter comfortable at the house and is growing increasingly nervous. She knows that Hunter will have to talk to a specific person without her in order to admit whether or not he wants to stay with her. She isn’t sure if it will be that simple for him, but she tries.


After explaining to her two sons what was going to happen, Ms Everett did her best to calm Hunter about talking to this stranger about his life. She explained he only had to answer her questions to allow him to stay living with her and his brother.

“Hunter, I’m sorry, but it is not my choice this time.”

Hunter responds only by beginning to shake. His anxiety around other people was not going anywhere, it seemed, but she was going to do everything she could to make it known that she hadn’t caused any of it. She had always helped him since he was brought to the orphanage those years ago.

Slowly, after some time, Hunter begins to respond back to her. She was not expecting any answer. What his answer turned out to be made her want to cry, hug him, and harm the woman who had abandoned such a knowledgeable son in the first place.

“If I talk, do I get to say your my mother now?”

She responds as her eyes begin to water. “Of course, but only if that’s what you want, Hunter.”


When the woman arrives to interview Hunter, he slowly makes his way into a private room with her. There is a social worker in the room with them due to the young age of the boy. She asks a series of seemingly simple, but important, questions about his home life with his current family.

After the introduction questions, she asks the one question that would determine the fate of this young child. It proved to all of them how intellectual a young child can be if given an opportunity like this. No one expected the answer he would give until that exact moment.

“Hunter, you understand why I am here, correct? I want to make sure this home is the best fit for you to stay in. Even if it’s only temporary. How do you feel about living with Ms Everett and Lucas?”

“Ma’am, these are the only family I have had. Everyone keeps telling me about the parents I ‘should have had’, but they don’t mean anything to me. They left me and she took me in when no one else would. Isn’t that family?”

The woman was shocked by the reaction coming from a young child. It brought a tear to her eye and reminded her why she was in this line of work. It reminded her of the young son she, herself, had adopted when he was only 6 years old because she couldn’t have children of her own. It took all she had to write the report and avoid crying.



After writing this eighth part to this story, I’d like to know if anyone wants me to continue it or try to refine it. It’s mainly been me rambling a story that gets stuck in my head and for that I apologize. Any recommendations can be left either in the comments here or a comment on the tweet on twitter that will be put up about it.

Thank you for reading friends. Happy Blogging.

Hunter’s Journey Part 7

Hunter continues to live with Ms Everett and Luke for months later without any strange incidents. Luke and Hunter begin to grow as close as other brothers would. This occurs even though Hunter will sometimes have attacks of his multiple mental conditions that he suffers from.

This includes the final diagnosis he received from a doctor recently. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the loss of his birth parents, a undefined form of Depression, Asperger’s Syndrome, and the doctor believes there could be other conditions existing. He decides that to conclude for sure that many of them were permanent would take him growing older. The only one he was sure of was the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.


Months after this list of disorders is discovered in the young child, he begins kindergarten with other children. This occurs while 9 year old Luke enters the fourth grade. Although they are far away most of the day, they make efforts to see each other at the group lunch and any chance they received.

Hunter enters kindergarten in both the gifted program for his learning advances and works with special education children to attempt to assist in his Asperger’s syndrome. He began working with those with this condition, as well as, those on the autism spectrum.

Although he had this strong connection with Luke and his foster mother, he never fit in with the other children. This was believed to be because of his difference compared to both those in special education classes and those in the gifted program. He didn’t fit the programs specifically and it was difficult for him.


As school goes on, a certain day arrives for this young child. His birth father finds out what school he goes to through means that no one is sure of and attempts to find him at his school.

“Bye kids. Have a nice day!” – Ms. Miller ( Hunter’s special education teacher )

Hunter walks outside like he does every day with a different teacher. They wait outside for their parents or other guardians to pick them up through the slowly moving line of parents picking up their young children.

Hunter hears someone call his name and assumes it’s Luke or his foster mother. It takes him a minute to recognize the voice. This causes him to hide in a corner inside of the school building. The nurses in the building notice and think he’s having a panic attack that normally occurs.

After awhile, his birth father comes inside and claims to be his guardian and wants to be able to see his son. Even so, the administration at the school contacted his foster mother and she warned them against this.


Although Hunter’s birth father never gets near him, the young child has a worrying reaction to this. After months, over a year, being with this new family has not stopped his easily triggered panic attacks. At five years old, the child is put into a hospital to help him recover from the panic attack and hope to get him the help he requires.

When the child wakes up, he does something that his foster mother and brother were not expecting to occur at any point. They were expecting him to find a family that would take him in and adopt him once he got the help he required to live a normal life. They wanted him to live a life with a family that could afford that type of care for him and that he would find that permanent happiness. This moment would remind them how attached a young child gets to those who care for them.

Hunter awoke tired and nervous about what had occurred. When he came to, he asked his doctor something that would bring a tear to his eye.

With drowsy eyes and a nervous voice, Hunter asks “Doc?”

“Is there something wrong, Son?”

“Where is my mother?”

Through the glass his foster family, Ms Everett and Luke, could hear him. Hunter had no clue of this when he said it and could not see them himself.

This brought a tear to the doctors, who knew the foster mother well after many years. It also reminded Ms Everett of the very reason she adopted Luke and let Hunter into her home. She wanted to help children and this was another opportunity and she was going to make a commitment she had been avoiding. It never felt as right to do as it did then.



For the lack of posts, I will be posting weekly for sure during this coming summer. This post was something I wrote after re-visiting this story. I know it is in many parts. It is going to be a story written in this format. Any feedback would be helpful. I am sorry that it is a rambling story most of the time, but it is a story that sits in my head and parts of it come into my mind that I can not get rid of.

Thank you for any support. I graduate in 44 long days and will be looking forward to more time on this blog before the next stage of my life.

Hunter’s Journey Part 6

The next morning, Hunter wakes up remembering what happened the night before. He hopes he can do better today and tries to get up before anyone has to remind him to get ready for the day. After getting dressed he notices how quiet it sounds in the house, it makes him nervous. He begins to walk out of his room to find his new foster brother and pet.

“Luke? Ms. Everett?”

Hunter begins to walk around the house saying this until he reaches the kitchen. He begins to get frightened about where they went. He always has a fear of people leaving him because of his parents.

“Surprise, Hunter!” Luke comes out from underneath the table out in front of him

“Wh-Wh-What?” Hunter starts stuttering after becoming nervous. He’s always had a strong reaction to situations because of reasons he can’t really explain.

“It’s your birthday, Hunter. You remember right?”

“Huh? I don’t remember ever being excited about that.” Hunter starts to think back to times in the past when at the orphanage he would receive notes from his father about his birthday. It was always something that made him more nervous than happy.

“Calm down, Luke. Hunter, Happy Birthday. You’re 4 years old now.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“Yes. I know we weren’t able to celebrate properly at the orphanage, but we will try this time. Come on. We’re going to go out somewhere before you go back to school after thanksgiving.”

Luke,Hunter, and Ms. Everett went somewhere special for the day to celebrate. Luke took Hunter to a tree house that he built with his friends that used to be fostered there when he was younger.

“I know you’re younger than I was when I built this, but you’re different than I was.”

“Thank you, Hunter.”

“You two have fun with Lucky as well. Alright?”

“I’ll take care of Hunter. Don’t worry.”

“Alright, Luke. Head home when it starts getting dark.”

Hunter climbs into the tree behind Luke and Lucky. He starts to think about how much these two have accepted him into something that was a family of just them for so long. He hopes he can stay with them both forever, but knows Ms Everett can’t bear the burden forever. He’s scared, but decides to save worrying for later. It’s the first time he’s had real fun in a long time with anyone else.

“Come on, Hunter. Let’s go. I have games up here!”

Hunter’s Journey Part 5

The next day arrives. Hunter wakes up in a room he isn’t used to and freaks out for a minute. He doesn’t remember where he is and starts to shake.

“Hunter, are you alright?”

It takes Hunter a minute to remember that it’s Luke talking to him. He tries to stop shaking to quit worrying his new brother Luke and their dog Lucky.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. Is something wrong that you woke me up?”

“No. It’s time to eat breakfast. Come on, mom is waiting.”

Luke had learned to call her mom. The woman had been like a mother to him for as long as he could remember and he knew he would always be with her. He had always wanted a brother to be there, but she had said it wasn’t going to be an easy task for her to raise two children.

Hunter follows Luke out to the kitchen and is confused. He expects a small serving of cereal like at the orphanage. The orphanage didn’t have a lot of money in it’s later years. They had to ration food the best they could to supply enough for everyone. Instead, there’s a choice of sausage, eggs, and toast.

“Hunter, go ahead and eat.”

“I can have anything?”

“Yes. Let’s get some of this into you. You don’t weigh enough and the owner wants you to become more healthy while you’re here as a foster child. It will make it easier for your other health problems to improve.”

As Hunter finishes eating, there is another phone call on the home phone. The mother asks Hunter to answer it and give it to her. He used to do this at the orphanage and she thought it would help him feel a little more at home because Luke was taking Lucky out in their backyard.

“Miss Everett?”

“No. Do you need her for something?”

The man on the other end acts surprised. He recognizes the voice. He had always visited the orphanage and heard Hunter’s voice, but never been allowed to visit.


Hunter starts to get nervous. He begins to shake as he realizes who this might be. Miss Everett begins to wonder if the call was meant for him.

“Hunter, is everything alright? Give me the phone. It’s alright..”

She takes the phone and hangs it up. She goes over and starts calming Hunter down like she has many times before. She sings his favorite song softly to him.

“Mom? Is he ok?”

“Yes. There was just a slight problem over the phone. Don’t worry about it.”

“Miss Everett?”

“Yes, Hunter?”

“Was that man my father? He knew who I was.”

“Yes, it was. He’s not allowed around here though. I want you to understand that.”

“He never hurt me though. He never wanted to get rid of me. It was my mother that made him get rid of me when I was born with these..things.”

Hunter looks down at his arm that shows his scars over the years. The scars that show how affected these conditions have made him.

“I know. I think it’s time to let you settle in more though. Let’s get you in the bath to calm you down. Then you can play with Lucky and Luke while I deal with this. Alright, son?”

“Yeah. That sounds better.”

It’s hard for Hunter to remember the times he’s been called son. It’s either been by the owner of the orphanage or this woman. The only other time was from his father who wasn’t his dad. These people had been his family. He just hopes he can get through this.

Maybe I can stay here with them forever if I behave? I like Luke and Miss Everett. Lucky’s a nice pet too.

He follows Miss Everett to the bathroom to the bath as he considers his new life.

Hunter’s Journey Part 4

“Hunter, you alright?”

“Did something happen, Nurse?”

“You passed out in the car. I was worried.”

“I was scared. I don’t like being in a place I don’t know.”

“I know. Let’s get you in the house now. We need to get you situated around the others that live here.”

“Others live here…?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. They’ll be fine being around you because of what I told them about your situation.”

Hunter is lead into a house that is bigger than he’s used to. He’s used to having just one room to himself that isn’t very big. 

Now, he has a quiet place to himself. He always wanted this. Then, Why is he this afraid of the room? 

“Hunter, Come on. I need to introduce you to the others. You can put your stuff away later on.”

Hunter, being the nervous child he is at the time, puts all his stuff away first. This is his only method of stalling from meeting, what he expects, to be the family of Ms. Everett. 

Half an hour later, when Hunter finally musters the courage to go meet them, finds out that he’s being introduced to Luke and Lucky instead. 

Luke is a young child Ms. Everett had adopted years ago from the same orphanage Hunter had been living in. Lucky was a puppy that Ms. Everett had gotten quite recently. 

“Hunter, I know I didn’t mention to you the fact that you have a temporary sibling, but I adopted Luke years ago. He’s from the same place you are and I hope you two will get along. Lucky is my, our, new puppy. I got him to see if he could be someone you connected with. I remember you liking dogs and Luke has always wanted one.”

“Thank you Ms. Everett, but if I’m not staying very long, what will happen to Lucky?”

“We’ll all worry about those details later. For now, I hope you can get settled in here and that we can learn to be some form of a family. It will help us all to be around each other for awhile.”

As Ms. Everett says those last few words, she gets a call from the owner of the orphanage. Hunter’s father had called again. He wanted to see his son. This worried Ms. Everett because she knew the story quite well. She hoped they could convince the father that Hunter still needed healing before they could meet again. 

“Luke, show Hunter around. I have to take this call. It’s important. Enjoy staying with us Hunter.”

“Thank you, Ms. Everett, For everything,” Hunter whispers.

“Let’s go, Hunter. It’s going to be nice for me to have a friend. Even if you are young, maybe this’ll be fun for both of us. I hope you can get used to me.