Hunter’s Journey Part 8

A week after the incident with his father, Hunter is well enough to head back home, but is required to return for visits with a doctor in the area to assist in finding the correct treatment for these attacks. The incident was a great eye opener for Ms Everett and Luke. It reminded them that, even though the three of them were different, they were a family and it was not to be broken.

Ms Everett waits about a month after Hunter returns home to bring something up to the courts and the social worker who checked on him. She was sure he would be best staying with her than moving in with someone else. They agreed that this would be the easiest decision for the child.


After a couple months, the social worker and Ms Everett are finally able to convince the courts to allow her a chance at this adoption. As she already has one adopted son, Luke, it will be difficult to convince them she can afford it, but she is going to do everything she can. Hunter, as much as he can, is showing that he is growing to trust this family, but his lack of communication makes this difficult.

Ms Everett does everything she can to make Hunter comfortable at the house and is growing increasingly nervous. She knows that Hunter will have to talk to a specific person without her in order to admit whether or not he wants to stay with her. She isn’t sure if it will be that simple for him, but she tries.


After explaining to her two sons what was going to happen, Ms Everett did her best to calm Hunter about talking to this stranger about his life. She explained he only had to answer her questions to allow him to stay living with her and his brother.

“Hunter, I’m sorry, but it is not my choice this time.”

Hunter responds only by beginning to shake. His anxiety around other people was not going anywhere, it seemed, but she was going to do everything she could to make it known that she hadn’t caused any of it. She had always helped him since he was brought to the orphanage those years ago.

Slowly, after some time, Hunter begins to respond back to her. She was not expecting any answer. What his answer turned out to be made her want to cry, hug him, and harm the woman who had abandoned such a knowledgeable son in the first place.

“If I talk, do I get to say your my mother now?”

She responds as her eyes begin to water. “Of course, but only if that’s what you want, Hunter.”


When the woman arrives to interview Hunter, he slowly makes his way into a private room with her. There is a social worker in the room with them due to the young age of the boy. She asks a series of seemingly simple, but important, questions about his home life with his current family.

After the introduction questions, she asks the one question that would determine the fate of this young child. It proved to all of them how intellectual a young child can be if given an opportunity like this. No one expected the answer he would give until that exact moment.

“Hunter, you understand why I am here, correct? I want to make sure this home is the best fit for you to stay in. Even if it’s only temporary. How do you feel about living with Ms Everett and Lucas?”

“Ma’am, these are the only family I have had. Everyone keeps telling me about the parents I ‘should have had’, but they don’t mean anything to me. They left me and she took me in when no one else would. Isn’t that family?”

The woman was shocked by the reaction coming from a young child. It brought a tear to her eye and reminded her why she was in this line of work. It reminded her of the young son she, herself, had adopted when he was only 6 years old because she couldn’t have children of her own. It took all she had to write the report and avoid crying.



After writing this eighth part to this story, I’d like to know if anyone wants me to continue it or try to refine it. It’s mainly been me rambling a story that gets stuck in my head and for that I apologize. Any recommendations can be left either in the comments here or a comment on the tweet on twitter that will be put up about it.

Thank you for reading friends. Happy Blogging.

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