New Schedule – Starting Soon


My last day of high school was this past Thursday. This means summer is soon and graduation is even sooner for me. For better or worse, I’m about to have more free time for three months as a break.


I haven’t been as good at uploading posts every week as I used to be. I apologize for this, but school and lack of motivation can sometimes impact a person’s ability to get things done. Thank you for the support and comments on my graduation post a couple of weeks ago.

I plan to fix this problem, lack of content, in the near future with a new possible schedule. I am going to hold myself to this over the summer and adapt it when college starts in the fall.


This summer, being my last free one, is one I want to remember. That means a vacation, or two, to make it special. I will be gone for a weekend very soon, as well as, two weeks in June. That means for those times I will not be able to upload new posts and this schedule will go into affect after those vacations.


The new schedule I mentioned is going to be a very simple one. I have began using a task manager, known as todoist, to remind me to complete each step of the process of writing out blog posts because I have never had a real way to manage it.

The new schedule will involve one required post a week, whether that be an update on a life situation through a journal, or a poem. These posts will be at 10am on Monday mornings (EST). If needed you can translate that into your own time zone.

Any extra posts will be posted on Fridays at 5pm (EST).


Thank you for understanding. This schedule will be put into effect around June 15th or 22nd. This depends on when exactly my vacation starts as the tickets have not been purchased yet by my family. Thank you for the support and I am looking forward to posting again.

Any requests of prompts or any knowledge of good sets of prompts would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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