Hunter’s Journey Part 9

For the new readers

For those of you haven’t read this story through the last 8 parts that occurred about a year ago, This is a story about a young boy who was given up to an orphanage at birth by a mother who didn’t want a son with mental disabilities and a father who had no way to afford the care on his own. The previous parts will show how he was fostered and adopted by these people and his first 6 years of life.

Now, onto his life now

Now, Hunter is 11 years old and beginning middle school. Luke, his brother, is 16 years old now and entering his Junior year of high school. Their dog Lucky is getting older at the age of 7 years old. This is frightening, but most things are well for the old dog.

For Hunter, this transfer is difficult since his Asperger’s makes it harder for him to adjust to a new building, even a new classroom, so the mother has to make the decision of whether he will be in the normal setting with most other children or in one classroom the entire day with a tutor. The decision she makes is to try him out with a tutor for the first couple of weeks until he adjusts to the bus schedule and other things before having him adjust. The principal agrees to this.

His first day…

His mother knew that things would be difficult for someone with these problems entering school alone without his brother there with him, but hopes he can find new friends. Hunter’s principal thought it would be best that, at least at first, he spent recess with the special needs children that also had Autism or Asperger’s syndrome to allow someone to be there that would better understand him. Although this would keep him inside, they knew it wouldn’t bother him since he enjoyed being inside unless he was with his dog.

When he gets to school, he’s sent to a room with other autistic children to get another copy of his new schedule in case he had lost his old one just like the other kids. He would start his day in his math class, continue to science and history, then finish with english before going to band instead of study hall at the end of the day.

His math and science classes were where the child excelled and was put in the highest level courses. He was great at history since it was just memorization, and english was where he struggled since it required talking in front of other children for projects and presentations. For this, he was seeing a tutor to work on his language skills where he would be in a lower level english class for his 6th grade year just to be sure he could handle the middle track.

Math and Science pass without issue as he is in a small room with few other children who are also in the advanced track including one person he had made friends with during his 1st grade year. This friend, Devin, had been helping him communicate with someone other than his family since they had known each other for such a long time.

Although his day started quiet, during history there were problems because he was in a room with 30 students in it that he was not used to. His other classes had not even 1/3rd that many. He was anxious and shaking his leg while clicking his pen due to the noise.

When this happened, he asked his teacher if he could leave the room, and the teacher ignored him. He sat down and got more and more anxious and left the room. The teacher had been told to let him leave the room if he asked first and truly seemed anxious, which he was, but no one listened. He sat outside until a vice principal found him that knew him very well from the old school.

The vice principal allowed him to sit in with the nurse until he calmed down, then he continued on to english with the other children in his class. Because it was the first day, he had very few problems and calmly got through it before going to band.

In band, he was again with his best friend Devin. They both played trumpet and it was their second year in band since they started in 5th grade for beginning band. During the first day, they just spent time warming up, passing out music, introducing everyone, and arranging everyone into seats based on previous knowledge.


I apologize for this post being rambling, but it’s meant to give backstory for the coming parts to this story and hope you read most of it.

For those of you new to this story, it’s a bit of just rambling for now until I go back and possibly edit it.

Happy Blogging!


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