Hunter’s Journey Part 3

The next morning, Hunter was sitting in his room waiting for the news. He hoped that he could stay with the people he knew, but he didn’t want to bother them like he had his parents. 

Why did he think of them? They hadn’t ever wanted him in the first place. They had left him to the orphanage when they were told he was “disabled.” Whatever that word meant to them. It frightened them. They abandoned him, but he wished he could know them someday.

He sat there thinking about his parents until the owner came to visit him.

“Son, you’re going to stay with the nurse for a few weeks as a foster. We’re going to hopefully find a place for you to stay.”

“Ok. Is she alright with having me live there?”

“She’s treated you like her son since you came here. It will be no problem. I’ll be checking up on you often to make sure everything goes well.”

“Thank you. I hope it’s not too much of a bother.”

“It’s not. You leave today. The nurse will be here soon.”

Hunter went and got the knife he had hidden from the owner and nurse for a long time. It was the only thing he had to remember his parents by.

His father had wanted him to have it when he was older, but the orphanage thought it was too dangerous for a 3 year old child. They were right. 

He hopes he can sneak the knife with him because of the memory it holds for him, but he knows they won’t allow it. This was due to his cutting since he had turned 3, but he wanted that memory to stay with him.

He stays in his room until later in the day. The nurse was going to take him to a home. 

Would this be what he was waiting for? Was the nurse going to ditch him after dealing with him for awhile?

He didn’t know, but he hoped he could be a good son to someone. Even though his parents hadn’t wanted him, he wanted to be with some family that would accept him for once. 

Hours later, Hunter was given a case to put his possessions in to prepare to leave the orphanage. He hid the knife inside of the clothes he took with him. 

Soon after, the nurse arrived and took him home. 

This was strange to Hunter. He was outside of the orphanage and outside the fence surrounding it. It felt scary to him, but he hoped it would be better than what was before.

He stood there for awhile behind the nurse. She knew he was afraid. 

Awhile passed before he finally got into the car to go to “home.” Whatever that word meant to him at this point. 

Hunter’s Journey Part 2

The next day, Hunter was sitting his room. He was one of the only kids that had their own room, because of his multitude of conditions that he couldn’t control.

He was sitting there thinking about what the nurse had said; He remembered what he had overheard and that there were new visitors in the orphanage looking to adopt. They were looking for a young child to raise; He was a possible foster candidate or adoption candidate for once.

He realized something else; He was scared; He liked being in the same place with the same people every day, but he knew someday he would leave. Knowing this, he went to meet these families. 

They were looking only at the babies through the 5 year old children. Most of the families looked at the more active children and ignored Hunter completely, because he frightened them. 

All of the children that were older than 5 had already been sent to foster homes or adopted at this point. The young ones were the only ones left and it looked to Hunter like all the others would be taken before him; He was scared. 

All of the other children, like Hunter feared, were adopted that day by these families. The nurse and the owner of the orphanage became worried for the child. He was only 3 years old after all. They couldn’t leave him in a foster home that didn’t want him. 

The owner came to visit the child; He wanted to reassure the boy that they would find a place he could stay. 

Hunter was in his room, wondering if cutting would be an escape, when the owner came in to speak with him. He had spoken to the man once before when his self-harm had gotten worse than the orphanage could handle. He had been sent to a hospital and agreed to be better, because he didn’t want to go back. 

The owner walked into the room with the child to talk to him. 

“Son, is everything alright?”

“Yes. Should I be worried? No one seems to want me.”

“We’ll find you a place to stay. I don’t know where yet.”

“Sorry I’ve been such a trouble to you and the nurse.”

“You haven’t. One of us might have to be the one to look after you. Would you like that?”

“Yeah. I know you and her. I don’t know anyone else well.”

“I’ll talk to the nurse and we’ll see. We’ll find a place for you to stay kid. A 3 year old child isn’t being put in a broken foster system.”

“Thanks sir.”

“Anytime. I started in this line of work for a reason. I’ll see you tomorrow. It’ll give me time to speak with Ms. Everett. Good night Hunter.”

“Good night sir.”



Hunter’s Story Part 1 (Writing 101: Day Nineteen)

The orphanage was becoming more full every day in this small, poor town. The owners of the building were becoming concerned about what they were going to do. They had too many children in their care to allow them to shut down. They were scared of losing staff because of low funds, but they weren’t going to give up. There were certain children people were more worried about than others because of their age. One of those was the 3 year old boy named Hunter.

Hunter was a very shy child that they were dealing with. He had been diagnosed with autism and depression almost immediately by the doctors at the orphanage. No foster parent wanted to deal with a child like that. He was 3 years old, but was always quiet and never talked. It scared many people to the point of avoiding him. That was other than the nurse who looked after him.

His nurse, Ms. Everett, was one of the few people Hunter would talk to. She went to check on Hunter, because she had been ordered to make sure  he didn’t hurt himself. He had been known to try if no one checked up on him occasionally. When Ms. Everett entered the room to visit him, Hunter was, for once, in the mood to talk to her more.

“Hi Nurse” 

“Hunter? You feeling alright today?”


“Let me check you. There’s a new scar on you. What happened?”

“I got sad again. I’m sorry about that, Nurse.”

“I’m not mad, just take care of yourself. You’re a little kid; You should be running around playing with the others. I shouldn’t have to check up on you like this.”

“I know, it’s just hard being here for me. I like being alone sometimes. I don’t get along with the other kids. I get along with the therapy animals better.”

“Well, if you can get a home someday, you can have pets around you. Alright Hunter?”

“Yeah. No one wants a kid like me though.”

“Someone will. I’ll be around later to check on you again. Let’s keep ourselves healthy for the next foster parents that visit. Alright?”

“Bye Nurse.”

Hunter decides to really try not to hurt himself for the nurse and for the new foster parents to visit the orphanage. He thought to himself: “Do I really want to be taken from here? I like being with someone I recognize.” 

After that, there were new foster parents visiting the next day and he was still nervous about it. He hoped someone, hopefully the nurse, would help him to figure out what to do.

He had overheard the owner saying they needed to get the kids out of there, causing him to be even more nervous. He was shaking. He hoped one of the foster parents would take him for once.