Hunter’s Story Part 1 (Writing 101: Day Nineteen)

The orphanage was becoming more full every day in this small, poor town. The owners of the building were becoming concerned about what they were going to do. They had too many children in their care to allow them to shut down. They were scared of losing staff because of low funds, but they weren’t going to give up. There were certain children people were more worried about than others because of their age. One of those was the 3 year old boy named Hunter.

Hunter was a very shy child that they were dealing with. He had been diagnosed with autism and depression almost immediately by the doctors at the orphanage. No foster parent wanted to deal with a child like that. He was 3 years old, but was always quiet and never talked. It scared many people to the point of avoiding him. That was other than the nurse who looked after him.

His nurse, Ms. Everett, was one of the few people Hunter would talk to. She went to check on Hunter, because she had been ordered to make sure  he didn’t hurt himself. He had been known to try if no one checked up on him occasionally. When Ms. Everett entered the room to visit him, Hunter was, for once, in the mood to talk to her more.

“Hi Nurse” 

“Hunter? You feeling alright today?”


“Let me check you. There’s a new scar on you. What happened?”

“I got sad again. I’m sorry about that, Nurse.”

“I’m not mad, just take care of yourself. You’re a little kid; You should be running around playing with the others. I shouldn’t have to check up on you like this.”

“I know, it’s just hard being here for me. I like being alone sometimes. I don’t get along with the other kids. I get along with the therapy animals better.”

“Well, if you can get a home someday, you can have pets around you. Alright Hunter?”

“Yeah. No one wants a kid like me though.”

“Someone will. I’ll be around later to check on you again. Let’s keep ourselves healthy for the next foster parents that visit. Alright?”

“Bye Nurse.”

Hunter decides to really try not to hurt himself for the nurse and for the new foster parents to visit the orphanage. He thought to himself: “Do I really want to be taken from here? I like being with someone I recognize.” 

After that, there were new foster parents visiting the next day and he was still nervous about it. He hoped someone, hopefully the nurse, would help him to figure out what to do.

He had overheard the owner saying they needed to get the kids out of there, causing him to be even more nervous. He was shaking. He hoped one of the foster parents would take him for once.

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