Hunter’s Journey Part 7

Hunter continues to live with Ms Everett and Luke for months later without any strange incidents. Luke and Hunter begin to grow as close as other brothers would. This occurs even though Hunter will sometimes have attacks of his multiple mental conditions that he suffers from.

This includes the final diagnosis he received from a doctor recently. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the loss of his birth parents, a undefined form of Depression, Asperger’s Syndrome, and the doctor believes there could be other conditions existing. He decides that to conclude for sure that many of them were permanent would take him growing older. The only one he was sure of was the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.


Months after this list of disorders is discovered in the young child, he begins kindergarten with other children. This occurs while 9 year old Luke enters the fourth grade. Although they are far away most of the day, they make efforts to see each other at the group lunch and any chance they received.

Hunter enters kindergarten in both the gifted program for his learning advances and works with special education children to attempt to assist in his Asperger’s syndrome. He began working with those with this condition, as well as, those on the autism spectrum.

Although he had this strong connection with Luke and his foster mother, he never fit in with the other children. This was believed to be because of his difference compared to both those in special education classes and those in the gifted program. He didn’t fit the programs specifically and it was difficult for him.


As school goes on, a certain day arrives for this young child. His birth father finds out what school he goes to through means that no one is sure of and attempts to find him at his school.

“Bye kids. Have a nice day!” – Ms. Miller ( Hunter’s special education teacher )

Hunter walks outside like he does every day with a different teacher. They wait outside for their parents or other guardians to pick them up through the slowly moving line of parents picking up their young children.

Hunter hears someone call his name and assumes it’s Luke or his foster mother. It takes him a minute to recognize the voice. This causes him to hide in a corner inside of the school building. The nurses in the building notice and think he’s having a panic attack that normally occurs.

After awhile, his birth father comes inside and claims to be his guardian and wants to be able to see his son. Even so, the administration at the school contacted his foster mother and she warned them against this.


Although Hunter’s birth father never gets near him, the young child has a worrying reaction to this. After months, over a year, being with this new family has not stopped his easily triggered panic attacks. At five years old, the child is put into a hospital to help him recover from the panic attack and hope to get him the help he requires.

When the child wakes up, he does something that his foster mother and brother were not expecting to occur at any point. They were expecting him to find a family that would take him in and adopt him once he got the help he required to live a normal life. They wanted him to live a life with a family that could afford that type of care for him and that he would find that permanent happiness. This moment would remind them how attached a young child gets to those who care for them.

Hunter awoke tired and nervous about what had occurred. When he came to, he asked his doctor something that would bring a tear to his eye.

With drowsy eyes and a nervous voice, Hunter asks “Doc?”

“Is there something wrong, Son?”

“Where is my mother?”

Through the glass his foster family, Ms Everett and Luke, could hear him. Hunter had no clue of this when he said it and could not see them himself.

This brought a tear to the doctors, who knew the foster mother well after many years. It also reminded Ms Everett of the very reason she adopted Luke and let Hunter into her home. She wanted to help children and this was another opportunity and she was going to make a commitment she had been avoiding. It never felt as right to do as it did then.



For the lack of posts, I will be posting weekly for sure during this coming summer. This post was something I wrote after re-visiting this story. I know it is in many parts. It is going to be a story written in this format. Any feedback would be helpful. I am sorry that it is a rambling story most of the time, but it is a story that sits in my head and parts of it come into my mind that I can not get rid of.

Thank you for any support. I graduate in 44 long days and will be looking forward to more time on this blog before the next stage of my life.

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I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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