Re: Writing 201 – Poetry (Trust)

The Challenge

So, It is day three in the poetry part of Writing 201. The challenge today is to make a poem involving in some way the idea of trust (or distrust) of something else. It also involves a type of device and a new form. If anyone is interested in seeing what those exactly are, here is the link to the challenge itself.

Thank you for any feedback given. If any more information or conversation is wanted, the comments are more than open for anyone to post in. I’m sorry that only people with accounts can comment, this is to prevent spam of any kind. Thank you for reading.

The Poem – Him

By myself

Every day before

This time I start anew

Reaching through to life

Against all the many odds

Your last lonely penny spent

All on one last attempted hope

Lay on top the slope this one time

I’ve learned this one thing now

Strength is hard to bring

My present sense

Your tense assistance

Follows me everywhere

Earning a rare place to me

Against all the demons I have

Rests the reasons I know in you

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