Re: Writing 201 – Poetry ( Journey of Life )

The Challenge

So, it’s day 2. Although I wasn’t able to post immediately following the challenge, I think doing it in the same day counts. For me it was posted around 7 or 8pm in my area causing it to conflict with something else, but I promised myself I would keep up with the challenge.

This challenge is about creating a limerick with influence from the word titled Journey. If you’re interested in what a limerick is or the rest of the challenge’s wording. Here’s that link for you. Thank you for reading and any and all feedback given.

The Poem-My Best Friend

Well, Although all is good.

He always does all he could.

My goal is this.

To Never let things go amiss.

A lot like my own childhood.

I live life very strange.

It’s always hard to arrange.

For those who surround.

My home’s piece of ground.

I struggle sometimes to change.

This is true of all.

We face the same brawl.

It’s hard.

We have no guard.

Battling a stonewall.

Thank you

I wrote this in a short amount of time, but I like it. I had to search for things to help me rhyme with. I’m not the best at thinking of that on my own. Any advice would be helpful.

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