Re: Writing 201 – Water ( Storm )

The Challenge

This post is in response to the Writing 201 – Poetry challenge day 1 labeled Water. It talks about using a haiku which is used with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. The topic is meant to be something involving water. This is my first attempt at a haiku so any advice would be useful. Thank you for reading and I hope you check out the other people taking part in the challenge.

The Poem

Life is like a sea.

Sometimes full and sometimes bare.

It acts as an oasis.

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Re: Writing 201 – Water ( Storm )”

  1. interesting thought that something that can be both full or bare could be an oasis. One comment on your form is that you went 5-7-7 instead of 5-7-5, but sometimes, writing poetry can also be about *breaking* the rules.

    1. Yeah I wrote it faster and kind of got a little bit confused halfway through and started thinking of the wrong thing. Thanks Bryan.

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