My Entrance : Writing 201 – Poetry

So, those of you who found me through TheDailyPost probably know that I have entered a few of their challenging classes before. This includes Writing 101, Blogging 101 and Writing 201. this is a great continuation for someone like me who has always enjoyed poetry.

A lot of my responses to their challenges in the past have been through poetry so I hope this allows me for a way to get more involved in poetry and figure my way through it.

For those of you that are new to Blogging U courses such as these. this is an explanation of what I’m going to be doing while in the class. Starting Monday evening (EST that is) there will be challenges every day posted at 7pm that will have something to do with a type of poetry, and a topic. We are allowed to turn it in whatever way we want and take part in only parts of the challenges we want to.

This gives us more freedom than in a normal class and still allows us to be creative as possible. I’m looking forward to the class and hope to see more people there. For anyone also interested in this class or the others they have. Check out their wordpress page.

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