Re: Daily Page (Part 1)

4 thoughts on “Re: Daily Page (Part 1)”

  1. I know someone just like you (based on the way you described yourself in this post). It’s difficult at times to speak to someone when they regularly miscommunicate what they want to say but eventually you see past it. I used to repeat back to the person what they said and explain how that can be offensive – the person would often apologize and correct their behavior. You’re coming from a good place and that’s the most important thing to remember, after that, it’s just a matter of being patient with others and yourself. We all have things we can improve about ourselves – for me it’s overthinking. haha

    1. Im trying to improve. This came from an issue with my ex that I need to tell them we need to cut off this stupid “thing” we’re doing so I can move on to something better.

      1. Sometimes writing out, then editing what you’ve written is a good way to get your thoughts out on paper and to analyze them objectively. Best of luck with your situation! 🙂

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