Re: Daily Page (Part 2)

Prompt – Talk about love.  Where do you feel it most these days? 

For me, this question can be answered easily right now. This is seen most for me from all the friends I’ve made in marching band at college. Although I don’t know everyone in the group with me since there’s 250+ members, everyone I have talked to has been awesome to me and have become more of a family then I could ask for.

Even though it’s true from everyone in band, I’ve felt it the most from a close friend of mine that I just met about 2 months ago. We both are gaining feelings for each other, but have no idea what we’re going to do with that due to the circumstances.


Starting college is scary.

Everything is different,

even when you know people

before, like I did.


I came here with goals:

My degree;

My partner;

and new people.


One isn’t working.

Well, not as planned.

The person I came here for,

we are no longer together.


That hurts, but

I’m going to be okay.

I know that now.

I’ve talked about it before.


New people? Many.

My new family;

My band family.

I never imagined it.


Although there are many,

they have been everything:

my best friends, my family, everything.

It would be impossible without them.


When I needed help

they were there for me.

Others tried, but

they have been the best.


As I say that..

I found something too.

It’s only been a couple months,

but I feel something for another.


Although that terrifies me,

my emotions don’t die.

I can’t ignore them;

I’ve tried before.


I hope I don’t get hurt

Or hurt someone else.

I’m just trying to survive.


Whatever happens,

it’s for a reason.

that much I know.


  • Have you ever gotten out of a long relationship and gained feelings for another shortly after?
    • if so, how did it turn out?
      • did you take a lot of time before you gave them a chanced?
      • did you never give them a chance?
  • If you went to college, did any of you do marching band?
    • if you did, did you have that same sense of family?

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