Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Prompt – What is one habit you have now that you wished you developed earlier in life?

I wish I had developed my habit of writing, and reading, more frequently throughout my earlier childhood. Although I’ve always loved reading, I never got into a habit of actually scheduling the time to do these things and now it’s much harder to build the habit now that I’m in college and have a part-time job with other sorts of responsibilities.

For me, reading is not just something I do for gaining new information, it’s something I do because it helps me escape the real world for at least some amount of time to get me absorbed in a story. It’s a safe place that I’m able to have and transport to whenever I need a break from the rest of my life.

Also, writing gives me a few different things that nothing else has. No matter where I’m at, it gives me a chance to get any issues I have down on paper so that I can look at them later when my emotions are less to help with perspective. It also allows me to work through any of my goals that I want to set for myself with a specific timeline that other people can see about my next step. This can involve either the blog I have, my coursework, new skills, or even just giving myself more time for hobbies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you read for fun? If so, what genres do you enjoy reading and do you have set times set aside for this?
  2. If you don’t read for fun, what are the hobbies you have that help you escape from the rest of your busy life?

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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