Junior Year


In a month and a half, I start my junior year of undergrad for my degree in Biology in a university in the northern United States.

I am taking 6 classes, not including extracurriculars, involving 3 sciences, 2 ethics courses for my minor, and a course to fulfill my language requirement. The science courses are ecology, genetics, and animal physiology which all require dedicated study time from what I know already.


I am a member of my college’s marching band, concert band program, and a club for my major (pre-vet). The marching band rehearses 2 hours a day for 3 days out of the week and we have games most Saturdays that take up most of the day due to rehearsals. The concert band rehearses 1-2 hours 3 days a week. The club meets once a month throughout the semester and usually has some sort of assignment.


I am currently beginning training to help out in a lab at my college in order to gain animal experience. It involves helping with feeding, watering, cage cleaning, and the possible opportunity for research in the future. I was also told that they were willing to help me with recommendations for other opportunities should they present themselves in the future.


Have you guys ever gone to college? If so, what was it for? If not, what would you go back for now if you had the chance (money aside)?

What was your favorite subject in high school, or college, that you wound up pursuing outside of class?


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