Re: Daily Page (Part 22)

Prompt – How are you unique? How are you just like everyone else? 

I’m unique due to the beliefs I have and the way my personality has formed throughout my childhood.

I’m someone who enjoyed being independent of my mother as a child but loves being around my significant other all the time. I don’t like people knowing about the emotions I am feeling from the outside but really want to find one person who understands everything that is going on inside of my body. I enjoy writing and reading when I have free time but feel guilty for not doing something more productive with the time I have due to my college work.

I’m like everybody else because of the basic things I need.

I’m someone who just really wants one person that I can be with forever. I want to be able to spend my time in a career that I love after college. This is scary because it may mean I never get there due to the situation surrounding ever getting into the schooling it requires. I want to have friends that really care about me and the goals I have for my life.

Every person is different and the same in their own ways. We all have certain needs that have to be met for us to be happy but we also have things that make us our own.


Re: Daily Page (Part 21)

Prompt – Talk about your fondest memory. Who were you with? What were you doing? 

When I was younger, my fondest memories were playing games with my friends. This mainly included the one friend I had since I was five years old. We would play everything on the playground together then, and it would grow into computer games and others like it in the years to come. Although we don’t talk to each other that much anymore, I still love everything that we did together and will never forget them. They were my first friend.

The fondest memory I had was when we would play Roblox on the internet together and would be on the phone. Even though this is something so simple, looking back on it now, it was something that always helped me relax. No matter how stressed I was that day from family, or school, this friend was someone I could turn to and just be myself without much worry.

No one’s perfect, but I don’t need a perfect moment in order for it to be one I look back on fondly whenever need be.

Me and this person even dated for awhile a few years back because of how close we were. Every now and then I miss those times, but that’s mainly because of the simple truths of that time. If we were upset, we told the other person. If things were hard, we told them what was going on. It wasn’t as complicated as things are today and I miss that dearly to this day.

Re: Daily Page (Part 20)

Prompt – When all is said and done, what will you need to accomplish in life to be satisfied?  

I have a lot of things that matter to me in my life that I want to accomplish. This includes things with family, friends, and my own career goals.

These are the main things I want to accomplish:

1. I want to become a vet after college and vet school successfully. If this is just working with house pets like dogs, cats, and others like that, I’ll be happy. Ideally, I’ll be working with wildlife such as wolves (I have a large love for them), but that’s a hope that I don’t know if I can fulfill.

2. I want to be with a person who cares about me. For me, I’ve learned that I will be happiest with one person that I can trust entirely in my life. I only need one of these and have no need for a large family. A lot of people stresses me out.

3. I want to have animals in my life. For me, ideally, this is 5 cats and 3 dogs. The dogs would come to work with me since I will be a vet and will be allowed to have them especially if I am at a private clinic someday.

I look forward to achieving a lot someday. These are the ideal things I want to achieve. I don’t mind not having a large house, though I will need a nice yard for the dogs to be able to go outside and play with each other comfortably, but the size of the house doesn’t matter to me. I’m also not someone who plans on human children (my animals will be my kids).


What are your goals for your life? Do you want children, pets, a large family? Are you going to have a career path, or stay at home and raise your children?

Re:Daily Page (Part 19)

Prompt – What’s the next big thing you want to accomplish?

One of the most important things to me right now is graduating from College. I’m a sophomore perusing a Biology/Pre-Veterinarian Degree at a public University in my home state. I’m doing this to become a Vet someday to help animals since I’m a huge animal lover and have been since the day I was born.

This career path does a few great things for me:

– It lets me help animals in a way that many people cannot.

– It gives me enough income to sustain myself if I’m on my own and to have my own pets too since I can take them with me to work as well. This is especially true with dogs.

– It allows me to meet other people who care about their animals as well. This is true of other vets, vet techs, and other owners.

– It lets me help people in the final hours with their pets they may have raised for many years. To help an animal in the last hours to pass in peace without any pain is something I will take pride in. This is not because I don’t value life, but because I value comfort in a time that I do understand is stressful.


What’s your dream in life? Is it to raise children, have a certain career, get married? Let me know in the comments whatever this is.

Re: Daily Page (Part 18)

Prompt – Describe a Beautiful View

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something like this since I was a little kid first seeing the world all those years ago. This has been my dream for a long time, but I’m terrified.

I just moved into my dream home labeled as 3 bedroom 2 bathroom right outside of LA in California. It’s perfect for me and my partner to start our lives together now that Vet School is over for me and they have made connections in the area.

Although I had seen the house before, I had never been in the backyard as it was being fixed last time I was here.

Walking out here for the first time….

I see trees everywhere surrounding the backyard in a forest. The yard itself has high grass filling it along with flowers spread throughout it. Behind that forest is a beautiful hill that leads down to a clean river that I can imagine our future puppy loving to swim in with us.

I’ve been looking forward to this for as long as I can remember. I know we have to get everything moved in and settled with a job for me, at a clinic, before I can do this. I have the job already and just have to move in before it starts.

It’s terrifying but so surreal.


I apologize for not posting last week. I have no excuse, so here is a post today and the normal one tomorrow.

Happy Blogging.

Re: Daily Page (Part 17)

Prompt – What’s the toughest thing you’ve been through lately? How’d you get through it?

I’m a freshman in college who started off with a rough first semester due to my personal life getting in the way. Although there were a lot of reasons for this, the main one was the breakup I suffered back in September. I’m not going to go through the explanation of everything that happened in this one post because I’ve already done that, but I will explain how it impacted me, especially for the months of September, October, and November.

After the breakup, I still clung to my ex as if somehow things were going to work out in the end. We stayed intimate and this wound up destroying me. I still relied on this person as if they still cared when it was obvious that they did not seem to anymore. They had turned off their ability to care for me when I was incapable of doing the same.

I had noticed something was wrong near the beginning of September, but they wouldn’t tell me what was wrong and I had no idea it was my fault. I thought they were sick because they had been recently, but this was not the case.

During those months, I felt alone at first. I got through it due to the help of some of the closest friends I have. This mainly includes the band family that forms at this college during marching season. They will never know how grateful I am for their help in me moving on so I could find someone new to be there.

Re:Daily Page (Part 16)

Prompt – What are you afraid of?

For me, there are many things I’ve always been afraid of. There are the obvious things like heights that I was afraid of as a little kid, the dark when it seems scary, and the spiders that lurked in the old house my mom lived in when I was young. Then, there are the more deep fears that have been rooted in me due to the starting that I had. These include abandonment, betrayal, and loss.

Although the more simple fears that I listed are ones that I’ve grown out of, you don’t grow entirely out of fear. As you get older, the fears that follow you in your nightmares become more deep and complicated.

For me, the deeper fear that haunts me the most is abandonment. The reason for this is mainly the fact that when I was 3, my parents divorced. Once this happened, my mother wasn’t around much after moving back out of my grandparent’s house. I lived with them instead of her most of the time until I was 10.

Also, my father had to move 3 hours away when I was five years old because of wanting a job that could support him and he hoped someday I would be there too.

These things have all given me a problem with being over attached to the few people I get very close to. This is seen with my family members, especially my dad that I’ve always been close to, and the people I date. I get closer to my new partner all the time.