Re: Daily Page (Part 5)

2 thoughts on “Re: Daily Page (Part 5)”

  1. In April, I had torn a tendon in my knee I was bed bound. I had just started my own business but couldn’t contribute to it at all. I lost a lot of opportunities and money. The healing process took about 8 weeks and even then I had to be careful to not strain it. That was my lowest point. I felt completely helpless.
    My highest point would be the month of December I achieved multiple goals. It seemed like I got a break. My blog was gaining more traction, I got a new job and the holidays were amazing.

    Great piece to encourage reflection!

    1. Thanks for the response TSP. I’m sorry for the injury and am glad you have been able to heal. Good luck to you in 2016 friend and thank you for the support.

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