Re: Daily Page (Part 7)

Prompt – Love is one of those things.  It’s the best feeling in the whole world, but it can make you do some real stupid stuff.  Trust me, I know… 

A few months ago, I was broken up with by a person I had been with for 2.5 years already. We believed that we were going to be together forever at the time, or so I thought.

After the relationship ended, I didn’t fully cut things off with this person in the way that I should have. It wound up making things much worse.

For a month afterwards, once or twice a week, we were still intimate and got along with each other in some senses until we finally had a last falling out that ended it all.

I’m now in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t do that to me if it ended for their own confidence or mine.

Love can make you do some very stupid things, but it can also be the best thing in the world if you know what you’re doing in it. Although it hurt, it taught me a lot about what I wasn’t looking for. It also showed me why this relationship wouldn’t work and forced me to get over it quicker then I would have otherwise.

That relationship, and the friendship we could’ve had, ended as quickly as it started, but I wouldn’t trade the result I had now for anything.

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