It can be scary,
Moving on again.
You don’t miss them,
But there are scars.

Many things stay:
The memories;
The lessons;
And changes you make.

You leave differently.
For better or worse,
It changes you.
Then, you move on.

I did it
Quicker then expected
I loved him but,
It never would’ve worked.

I needed consistent affection.
He wanted his space.

I needed communication.
Together, we were cryptic.

More then that,
I needed someone there,
And when i needed that most
He abandoned me.

I found someone new.
They fit so well,
As if they’re meant to,
I feel happy again.

I hope they understand
How much they mean
For pulling me together,
Even without knowing it.

Falling is scary, but
Only if they don’t catch
He has done more.
He’s there with me.

Lesson learned well.
The unexpected win out
And the heart always wins,
No matter what it seems.

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