Daily Prompts

Starting next week (November 30th), I’m going to begin using the Daily Page in order to get prompts needed to help me start posting again. Before I start, I wanted assistance starting something. Discussion Do you think I should post once a day or once a week? If you’re going to read the posts, what … Continue reading Daily Prompts

I’m Terrified

I moved onto campus August 22nd to start camp that took place the 22nd-28th and the 30th. I was beyond excited to begin this journey with the person I care about the most and start college for the thing that I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little kid barely old enough to … Continue reading I’m Terrified


I finally have the information exactly for when I will be gone from my home. This, unfortunately, means that I won’t be able to post on WordPress until I get home. I leave on June 17th and won’t get home until July 8th unless something changes. That means after this, my next post will be … Continue reading Vacation

Any Advice?

Hello viewers, I am looking to attempt to fix aspects of my blog that I have been looking at for awhile now. It is nice and simple currently, but it doesn’t serve every purpose I would like it to. To start off, I am looking for someone who wouldn’t mind creating a header for the … Continue reading Any Advice?


So, I graduate soon… My last day of high school is May 14th. I graduate May 23rd from the high school I’ve been at for four long, sometimes painful, years. This is exciting for me. It means I’ll have from the end of high school, and three months after it, to enjoy being able to … Continue reading Graduation

Right Now

It’s been a great year It’s felt incredibly long I’m now back in gear I was very wrong It’s almost the end I am still excited Those I’ll befriend Laying here in bed. I think of those around The ones I’ll leave I’m bound to see again I choose to believe It might be painful … Continue reading Right Now