Goodbye 2015

Happy New Years

Well, 2015 has come to an end. Whether that is a sad fact or a happy one for you, it’s finally here. The ball has dropped, so to speak, in New York City and it’s now 2016.

I hope all of you have good memories from 2015 that will carry into the following years and that 2016 will bring you even more.

As always, I would like to spend some time reflecting on this last year. That includes this blog and my own real life. There have been many changes in both areas.

First, the blog

In 2014, I started this blog during a Writing 101 challenge because my old blog didn’t quite fit anymore and didn’t expect it to get anywhere.

This year, I have 76 followers and quite a few people that have communicated to me specifically. I have 2 awards I have been nominated for and many posts that I am proud of. This includes my posts called Blood and Lonely Nights. Both of which are deep posts that I re-read every now and then.

(Don’t worry, I will put my goals at the end of the post for who want to see those.)

Last year, I set the goal that I wanted to get to 100 followers. I didn’t reach that goal, but I did get to 76 and I made many posts that reached people and for me, that is what was important.

Good luck to everyone with their blog in the new year in whatever you choose.

Real life..

I wish I had the time to explain everything that has happened in my life this past year, but that would require a novel.

In January, I was in my last semester of high school dating the person I thought I was going to be with forever 1.5 years.

In May, I graduated from high school finally after those 13 long years in that same district.

I started college back in August and for anyone who has been to college, you know what that changes. It’s changed almost everything for me.

I have new friends that I never imagined having through my experiences with the band program that I’m a part of here. I lost love and found it again in someone I never expected to.

I learned many new things about life that I had heard, but never appreciated until now.

  • People who you think are going to be around forever aren’t always going to work out. Don’t take them for granted while they’re there.
  • Home isn’t where your parents live, it’s the people that make you feel like you finally belong somewhere.
  • Every relationship is different; stop trying to find a cookie cutter version of how it should work.

And most importantly…

  • Things are going to change. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Only through that change can you really find yourself and the people you’re supposed to be with.

2016 Goals

For the blog..

  • Reach 100 followers
  • Write a post at least once a week whenever possible
  • continue the dailypage posts the rest of the year
  • reach as many people as possible

In real life..

  • get a 3.5 GPA in the spring semester and a 3.0 in the fall semester
  • keep my relationship with my new partner as strong as i physically can
  • meet and make as many new friends as possible


  1. what are your new years goals from last year? Did you accomplish them?
  2. what are your goals for next year? For the blog? For real life?


Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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