New Years Eve 2021

It’s New Years Eve and we’re only a couple hours away from 2022. It’s crazy to imagine that 2021 actually was only one year with everything that happened during it. I had a lot happen to me including losing my job temporarily while dealing with an accident that caused me to need surgery to repair … Continue reading New Years Eve 2021

Christmas Week

First.. I want to take this time to help anyone reading this, and myself, prepare to be in the holiday spirit before Christmas and New Years are officially upon all of us. This will include traditions my family has, as well as, things that we always eat and do during the celebrations. Now I have … Continue reading Christmas Week

Attitude of Gratitude

This is a prompt I saw from previous years where a writer sets a timer for 15 minutes and writes down everything they’re grateful for in a stream of conscious matter. I’m supposed to only go back and read through and check for typos and duplicates, but leave every idea intact as it is. The … Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude