“Golden Hearted”

I don’t know about anyone else’s family, but mine likes to categorize people. They always identify who the calm ones are, the smart ones, and the ones that get along with everyone. This isn’t always a bad thing, but one of them always got me a little annoyed as I grew up. This was when … Continue reading “Golden Hearted”


These days I feel all alone. I know That’s depressing, But it’s how I feel. I’ve got my best friend, My partner, my pets, But I’m still lonely. I miss them. Them always around. Is it just me? I can’t see them. One at college. One far away from me. I feel alone. One loves … Continue reading Unwanted


The last poem I wrote called Loneliness talked about how alone I feel right now. I feel as if the person I rely on the most right now can’t be around even though I know they would be if they could. This is a sequel to that poem and talks about the same situation, but … Continue reading Burden