2014: My accomplishments in blogging

4 thoughts on “2014: My accomplishments in blogging”

  1. Hi. Congrats, then. By the way, some say blogging helps them connect with themselves, in one way or another. Hope you find it that way too. 🙂
    (PS: sure you don’t want an ‘About’ page?)

    1. I have on the sidebar an introduction to myself. Is there anything you suggest me needing to add in an actual about page? I haven’t seen a need for one, but if someone else does, I have no problem creating one.

  2. Well, not really. Only the blogger her/himself knows what to share (or in what way, for that matter). So, however common, an ‘About’ page is not mandatory. Still, you might like to check here:
    She has it both ways—sidebar and about page. Sure, we don’t find this kind very often, but I believe she has her reasons. The point is, in an about page, visitors can bark back. It’s where ‘the kick’ strikes when people’s comments are not post-related (just to say hi, about the blog in general etc). It’ the ‘interactivity’. Then again, it’s up to the blogger. Good luck.

    1. That’s more of what I use twitter for to talk with people outside of comments (and tumblr). If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!

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