Re: The Socratic Method – Pessimism


This post is in response to the prompt from The Daily Post called The Socratic Method.

The main point of the prompt is to examine a question you had about life and how a conversation you had, or haven’t had but want to, has affected your life or opinions on it.

So, Let me explain…

I’ve always been known as a pessimist. I’m afraid of doing anything that might turn out to haunt me later and have turned down offers that would have helped me, but I was too terrified of the outcome to enjoy a possibly amazing journey.

This hasn’t entirely changed, but a couple years ago, a close friend of mine said something that hit me in a way I hadn’t expected. I apologize if the story is written out of order, but I cannot locate the exact conversation anymore that it occured in.

Here’s the Story

This happened two years ago, when I was 16, and was bored at the beginning of summer with nothing to do. I had started talking to one of my friends a lot more than I used to. Everyone assumed we liked each other, but just weren’t willing to admit it to anyone. (The other person had admitted it to others before. I hadn’t acknowledged it yet.)

One night, it was my first experience with alcohol in any form. In my state, it is legal to have alcohol if you’re at home and it is given by your parents. As you all know, alcohol makes you a little more brave and more likely to admit something you wouldn’t otherwise.

At one point, I had, somehow, admitted that I liked the person I had been trying to avoid that exact thing occuring. I couldn’t help that, somehow, this person had gotten to me. This happened even though when we met I found the person extremely irritating for a couple years. (Sorry if you read this..)

After awhile of beating around the bush, as the saying goes, I was asked out. I wasn’t really expecting this person to actually go through with it, but I was scared when he did. At that point, I had practically decided to wait until college to date again. (I  had only had 2 non-serious relationships before and didn’t want stress.)

We went back and forth for awhile before I decided to wait until I was completely with it to answer their question. Because of this, I fell asleep and woke up nervous about how to answer the question.

The next morning

We started talking the way we almost always did. They messaged me when they finally woke up because I usually woke up at 7 while their normal time was 11.

The person let me avoid the topic until around 5 or so in the evening. I was asked if I was ever going to respond to the question I had been asked the night before. My response was that I was having a conflict about it in my head.

Something that was said made me rethink what was my response was going to be. I almost had asked if I could wait until I got back from my trip. (I was going to be gone for a month at a college in the area and probably wouldn’t have a way to see this person).

After what was said, I decided I didn’t want to risk the possibility of losing the chance I was being given. The person had said to me, “I have no magical way to convince you this is going to work. All I know is that anything can work if you’re willing to let it.”

After that was said, It changed my view on quite a few things. I’ve been a lot more optimistic since that night. It was in June, 2013. I won’t forget different conversations like that. We’re still together over 2 years later and starting college together. (Even though I am a year under them).


Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging as the countdown to my college move in gets closer for me.

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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