New Opportunity! (For me)

Background I am an incoming Junior studying Biology/Pre-vet with the goal of going to vet school sometime in the near future (3-4 years until vet school depending on the situation) and was looking to gain some much-needed animal experience. This is mainly just because I’m interested in animals, which is why I chose my path, … Continue reading New Opportunity! (For me)

Junior Year

Classes In a month and a half, I start my junior year of undergrad for my degree in Biology in a university in the northern United States. I am taking 6 classes, not including extracurriculars, involving 3 sciences, 2 ethics courses for my minor, and a course to fulfill my language requirement. The science courses … Continue reading Junior Year

Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Prompt –¬†What is one habit you have now that you wished you developed earlier in life? I wish I had developed my habit of writing, and reading, more frequently throughout my earlier childhood. Although I’ve always loved reading, I never got into a habit of actually scheduling the time to do these things and now … Continue reading Re: Daily Page (Part 26)