Three most important songs in my life (Writing 101: Day Three)

Everyone has something that impacted them as they grew up and helped them get through tough times. For some that’s music, art, or just thinking in a place they can call their own. For me, it was the music I listened to that got me through everything.

When seeing this challenge, I immediately looked through the music I still have. I looked through the songs that I haven’t listened to in a very long time, but they meant the world to me when I found them. Those are the songs that I keep as a memory of the situation where they helped me and hoped that someday I would never need their help again.

These songs are two songs by Simple Plan and one by Theory of a Deadman.

Simple plan’s new album Get Your Heart On- The Second Coming has the song In in it that has left a mark on me recently. With the new relationship I have just began with someone about 10 months ago, In reminds me that I need to let myself trust the people that are actually there to help me. It’s something newer, but it’s been important to me since it was released and it’s one of the first things that came to my mind when I saw this topic.

Simple plan’s album Get Your Heart On had a song in it by the name of Astronaut. This song connected with me on a different level because of the topic it was working with. It was talking about a person who feels alone and is trying to reach out for help. It immediately made me think of the time period i had when I was 14 years old and was trying to get help from a friend or family, but no one seemed to understand that something was actually wrong. It was a tough time and this song was what I wish I could’ve told them back when it happened.

Theory of a Deadman wrote a song called Not Meant To Be. This song was talking about how a couple can care about each other, but just not meant to work out. It’s a very simple type of song that’s been done before, but this band has done it better, in my opinion than others who have tried with the same topic. Even though i’m younger, this song got me through my last break-up. People can laugh at me for that if they want, considering the age I was, but it’s the truth and I wanted to be honest here.

These are the songs that came to mind when this challenge was presented to me. I hope to see other stories written by many other members of this challenge. 

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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7 thoughts on “Three most important songs in my life (Writing 101: Day Three)”

  1. nice songs. The one called astronaut was really moving to me. I enjoyed listening to your songs.

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