My “Calm Zone” (Writing 101: Day Two)

Everyone has a place that makes them feel safe and calm in times when they’re feeling stressed. I have one as well, but I can’t visit it anymore. It used to give me the help I needed whenever things were rough with family,friends, or even school. It was the woods outside my dad’s old apartment.

This woods wasn’t that big, actually, but it felt like it to me. It was where I spent most of my summers from age 5 to around 16. It was my escape from school and any problems with the family I usually lived with.

The woods itself was small, but I remember every detail very well, even to this day. I remember the 4 trees I used to climb when I was younger. One of them I climbed as a challenge, the other to get away from the younger kids that were too scared to climb. Either way, it always helped me get inspiration or just calm down.

As I got older, it became my inspiration for writing. I used to write poems about this place and the effect it had on me. I wish I could go back just once to the place I remember.

I’m told it’s just the same as it used to be. That’s a nice thing to know, but I’ll probably never visit again.  I’d give a lot to visit the place that gave me such a calm feeling as a child. People probably think it wasn’t that important then, but it’s only been a couple years since it was my way of relaxing.

I wish I could go and climb those trees one more time and bring my new dog with me. I want to re-live those memories as a younger child before I enter adulthood soon enough. I know that’s unusual, but it’s how I feel.

It’s something i’m not proud of; These memories of the woods I used to play in, but it helps me relax to think of it. It’s rough to think about, but sometimes necessary.

I know everyone has their own “Calm Zone.” This is just the story of mine and what it did for me.

11 thoughts on “My “Calm Zone” (Writing 101: Day Two)”

  1. Even in unhappy childhoods, there are people or places that helped us get through the trauma (or drama). Don’t be ashamed that you needed a place to go and maybe you can re-visit some time. Kids love to climb trees. It gives us a different perspective on things.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Susan. That place has always been something I think about, even though it was such a small area, it had a great impact at the time.

  2. It seemed so happy. Why are you not proud? Sounds like a place you could go out of your way to visit and not long for it. You have a nice style. Keep it up.
    Maybe because I am older, but I found the white on black really hard to read.

    1. Sorry, the black on white was just a preference for me and a couple friends. Thank you for the compliments

  3. I gather from your post that you are a young adult so I was surprised by the nostalgic and melancholy feeling I got when I read it. Very well don. The white on black did not bother me, despite my advanced state of decrepitude, because the font was large–at least on my browser.

    1. Thank you jill. I wasn’t expecting any feedback this quickly from you guys, i’m glad i joined the challenge. I’m actually not even an adult yet, if that surprises you.

  4. This wasn’t too long or wordy at all, I was quite intrigued to know more actually. However, I write long posts usually, it’s just part of my style. You should embrace what is unique about you and be proud because it makes you who you are. Writing and nature are my sanity.

    1. Thank you for that. I was trying to be a little shorter because I haven’t written a story in awhile. I’m thankful for the different comments i’m getting; If you haven’t noticed, i’m a little new to blogging the stuff i write.

    1. Thank you. I need the help with punctuation sometimes. You’re more than welcome to critique mine for that.

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