Blood (Writing 101: Day Fourteen)

7 thoughts on “Blood (Writing 101: Day Fourteen)”

  1. I think going through the teenage time is one of the hardest times, feelings get so intense and you are really dealing with it really head on at that time. and also we all do what we have to, to deal with our own pain. I don’t think another person has the right to judge anyone else for it because no one else knows what its like to live in your skin.

    1. As I said, it was a 3 years ago type of thing. It’s done. I don’t do it anymore. Thanks for the comment. What do you think of my writing of it?

  2. So glad that you have lived and learnt. Many lessons are taught from adolescence and I have learnt many difficult ones myself. Congratulations on the freedom of your blood. You have written it beautifully and solicited empathy rather than sympathy. Well done

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