Re: Writing 101 Day Fourteen – Sort of

The Prompt

This prompt is a simple one. I’ve used it before, in an old post called blood, and had more success with it than I first imagined. The idea of the prompt is simple. The writer is meant to find the nearest book and open it to a random page and pick the first word that sticks out to them. They then use that word as the start of a post for inspiration.

Simple, right? Well, sort of. I changed the page number from 29 to 223 for a reason I’m not really sure of. Before reading this, my word is lightning. It’s going to take a bit of a different turn than it would for most people. Thanks for reading and any feedback.

The Letter

Dear nightmares,

I’ve been having you for a long time now. I wake up in the middle of the night shaking due to the fear i have in the middle of the night. It feels like a burst of lightning strikes and I’m suddenly awake without any idea what happened for what feels like hours at a time.

I wake up from nightmares about friends,family,my partner, and anyone else I care about. It ranges from family arguments to the death of someone I’m too afraid to think about. They’ve become part of my nightly routine; it makes me scared to sleep sometimes.

Some know this routine. They live it every day like I do. It’s scary, isn’t it?

I don’t know why I have to remember them. They aren’t something I want to think about all the time, but I can’t help it. I get paranoid about anything happening to these people or my own mistakes causing a rift in a relationship I’ve taken time to build trust in.


-Shade, after living with you for years

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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