Burden to Them

As I sit here,

holding back the tears.

I realize something.

I’ve been a burden to them.

I’m being a burden to them;

the one person I don’t want to.

I’m crying over something irrelevant.

They can’t help it;

neither can I.

So, Why am I crying?

This happens every week;

I can’t see this person

after nightmares that I fear;

they make me afraid for this;

this thing to ever end.

They haven’t done wrong;

everything’s gone well;

I just am fearful to lose it;

to lose this thing I’ve built.

I love them.

But, here I am trying not to cry;

just because of the time.

It’s only been a week;

I feel pathetic.

I should be glad

not feeling sad;

I have more than most

with this person I love.

What’s my problem?

These nightmares aren’t terrible;

I should have adjusted.

I know it won’t happen;

they would never do that.

But, I’m afraid.

Does anyone agree?

This is pathetic?

It’s my problem;

not theirs to fix.

That’s how I feelings though,

I don’t know how to pause them.

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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