Questions for Readers?

I know..

This isn’t my normal type of post, but I want to ask each of you some things about my blog so far. I want to know how you guys actually feel about the blog. The types of things you want me to add or think would be helpful for you to read it easier. This is a post that I’d prefer comments on even more than others.


  1. What do you think I should add to the blog
    1. Types of posts that I should add
    2. New Menu options to help you guys find my posts easier
    3. New Schedule for posts
  2. Any sites you guys think I should have it link to the new posts (I use Twitter and Tumblr already)
    1. Facebook Page if wanted
    2. Google+ if anyone wants that to occur
    3. Any other sites you guys find useful to view the content on
  3. Any feedback on what you guys think i’m doing right or wrong
    1. There are almost 40 followers on this blog, I’m happy about that
    2. I’m happy with my ability to keep the posts coming out weekly
    3. Let me know how they are
      1. Comments more often would help me a lot


Thank you for responding to any of these. If you want to know how things have been going for me. I have a post up from the new year that WordPress sends out about how many views and followers I have. Check that out if you’re curious. Thank you for anything you guys.

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