I’m constantly living with emotional pain my heart feels like a clogged up drain i can’t get these nightmares to go away it makes each day start out feeling grey i wish i could just not care because all of this is impossible to bear my heart always feels heavy and broken i have to … Continue reading Clogged

Dear Friend

Short Backstory My best friend suffers from multiple chronic illnesses that cause severe pain, as well as, mental health problems caused by trauma and others caused by their childhood. Due to the chronic illnesses, as of right now, they have a date scheduled for physician assisted suicide. This is a small part of the letter … Continue reading Dear Friend

Dark Cloud

First This is a poem I wrote a little of, and is just a way of me venting my current life situation, while I was on break at work today. I hope someone sees it and remembers that they aren’t alone out there. Everyone is going through something, but we don’t always see that. I … Continue reading Dark Cloud