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Prompt: What makes you blue?

I have started to feel very depressed about my life recently. I just graduated college and was hoping to find a fullfilling job that would allow me to do the things I want to do. I want a house, pets, and to be able to travel to different states and countries someday. I want to do those things with the person I think I will be with for life.

I just started my first full-time job as a contractor at a big company. It has felt defeating to be spending 40 hours a week doing the same repetitive tasks for a company that doesn’t value what I’m specifically doing. I hope to get into a better position quickly, not just for the pay raise, but to help with my mental health.

I’m 22 and honestly, very scared of what is to come.

Question: What is your advice for me?  

Tribute: Euro



When I was 11 years old, my mother was dating someone she had been with for years who also was our landlord and had allowed us to have a pet for the first time already in our few years old cat Patches.

One night, her boyfriend shows up at the house with a small kitten he had found by a railroad track and asked for advice on what he should do as his family didn’t want the cat. At that moment, this little flea-ridden cat had bolted into my room to hide and his fate was sealed and he would be my cat for the rest of his life.

This four-month old kitten was taken to a vet and given everything possible to do well in our home with our other cat. My grandfather assisted in naming him Euro from a comic that he had sent us a year before about our next cat.

For the next 11 years, Euro would be the most unique and strange cat we ever have, or will, have again. He would announce himself when he entered a room and never liked new people, especially men. He was terrified of the outside he had been found in and never left the house.

The Hard Part

A few days ago, Euro began showing signs that something was very wrong, but we had no idea how wrong. He had thrown up and was struggling to move around. We thought he had the flu or something simple..we were very wrong.

2 days later, my mother had a vet appointment set up, but we didn’t want to wait any longer and went to a vet hospital. The news was heartbreaking. He had a urinary blockage that had spread toxins throughout his body and he was in unbearable pain and couldn’t continue going on the way he was.

Our options were either to treat him, with a very low chance of any quality of life or humanely put him to sleep. Doing anything other than one of those options would have been putting him through more misery. We decided that putting him through anything more with no good outcome would be worse and decided to let him go and get rid of his pain.

We, meaning me, my mother, and my sister, each held him before my mom returned him to me. The vet sedated him and then finally put him at peace with me holding him in my arms for the last time.

When he was at peace, the vet put him in a bag that could be buried and gave us individual prints of his paw prints to keep forever.


He was the most unique cat I’ve ever had and wouldn’t have traded any of it for the world even knowing how it had to unfortunately end. I will never forget all of his quirks that made him special to all of us or the annoying things he always did.

I’m forever grateful that I got to be there at the end and be the one to hold him one last time.

Re: Daily Page (Part 27)

Prompt – Why do you write?  Describe the feeling that writing brings you. 

Writing is an escape.

I have always been searching for a way to properly cope with the things that happen in life. I used to have terribly unhealthy habits that I used for this purpose.

When I write about various prompts or stories, I feel like I have an outlet for my creativity that no one can judge me for. When I write my poetry and personal stories, I finally am able to feel as if I gave a situation it’s due time and can move forward with my life.

I post responses to prompts like this one, stories, personal experiences, and poetry which all make up what I consider to be my life story. Everyone is different and has their own story and should share it in their own way that works for them.


  1. What are your outlets that you use for coping?
  2. What are your recommendations to those searching for their own outlet


Since my semester is now over and I have the summer ahead of me, I plan on taking more time towards my writing. This means working through these prompts and picking the best one each week.

Thank you to those that have stuck with me! It means a lot to know my writing is getting to someone out there and hopefully helping.

Writing Prompt – Incubate (Response)


Thank you to those of you that have stuck around and I apologize for the long hiatus from posting that has gone on in the last months, I strive to avoid doing this, but life got in the way. The summer is in less than 2 months now and I plan on posting more once that arrives.

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy my infrequent posting until the spring semester is over.

Now for the prompt..

It can take a long time for certain things to become obvious to different people. This can be anything, ranging from small minute details to major life decisions…

For me, it just recently came to my mind that my previous career goal is something that might not be the best idea for me and my future. This came about due to the schooling, that I don’t believe anymore that I’m cut out for, and the amount of debt I would go into when I can find another way to work with animals instead.

My previous goal was to become a Veterinarian in order to help animals heal, especially because of what I had seen my own pets deal with since no one knew how to help them. I have now seen that my new goal should be something less academically driven due to the struggles that I’ve had throughout my undergrad career thus far.

via Daily Prompt: Incubate

New Opportunity! (For me)


I am an incoming Junior studying Biology/Pre-vet with the goal of going to vet school sometime in the near future (3-4 years until vet school depending on the situation) and was looking to gain some much-needed animal experience. This is mainly just because I’m interested in animals, which is why I chose my path, and want to work with more than just house pets. It also will assist me in getting into my post-undergrad career path due to the boost in my application to vet school.


I am beginning to work with reptiles in a lab on my college’s campus where I work with them to ensure they have food, water, clean cages, and to check on their health (with the help of more experienced members of the lab). This is a 5 hour/week commitment that will allow me to gain animal experience that I hope will assist me throughout my last 2 years of undergrad and in my applications in the future.


  1. If you went to college, what internships (or other experience) did you get while in school?
  2. If you didn’t go to college, what experience in volunteering/former jobs helped your current employer see that you were the person for your job?

Junior Year


In a month and a half, I start my junior year of undergrad for my degree in Biology in a university in the northern United States.

I am taking 6 classes, not including extracurriculars, involving 3 sciences, 2 ethics courses for my minor, and a course to fulfill my language requirement. The science courses are ecology, genetics, and animal physiology which all require dedicated study time from what I know already.


I am a member of my college’s marching band, concert band program, and a club for my major (pre-vet). The marching band rehearses 2 hours a day for 3 days out of the week and we have games most Saturdays that take up most of the day due to rehearsals. The concert band rehearses 1-2 hours 3 days a week. The club meets once a month throughout the semester and usually has some sort of assignment.


I am currently beginning training to help out in a lab at my college in order to gain animal experience. It involves helping with feeding, watering, cage cleaning, and the possible opportunity for research in the future. I was also told that they were willing to help me with recommendations for other opportunities should they present themselves in the future.


Have you guys ever gone to college? If so, what was it for? If not, what would you go back for now if you had the chance (money aside)?

What was your favorite subject in high school, or college, that you wound up pursuing outside of class?


Re: Daily Page (Part 26)

Prompt – What is one habit you have now that you wished you developed earlier in life?

I wish I had developed my habit of writing, and reading, more frequently throughout my earlier childhood. Although I’ve always loved reading, I never got into a habit of actually scheduling the time to do these things and now it’s much harder to build the habit now that I’m in college and have a part-time job with other sorts of responsibilities.

For me, reading is not just something I do for gaining new information, it’s something I do because it helps me escape the real world for at least some amount of time to get me absorbed in a story. It’s a safe place that I’m able to have and transport to whenever I need a break from the rest of my life.

Also, writing gives me a few different things that nothing else has. No matter where I’m at, it gives me a chance to get any issues I have down on paper so that I can look at them later when my emotions are less to help with perspective. It also allows me to work through any of my goals that I want to set for myself with a specific timeline that other people can see about my next step. This can involve either the blog I have, my coursework, new skills, or even just giving myself more time for hobbies.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you read for fun? If so, what genres do you enjoy reading and do you have set times set aside for this?
  2. If you don’t read for fun, what are the hobbies you have that help you escape from the rest of your busy life?