Public Proposal (Writing 101: Day Nine)

The park was as packed as usual on a weekend day. There were dogs with their owners and children with their parents playing in the area around them. It was a late Saturday afternoon in this small town that most people saw as in the middle of no where. For this couple, it was a day that would change their lives from there on out.

The man was walking with his girlfriend through the park. He was very nervous about what he was about to try. He knew that there was something inside of him and this woman that would make their relationship be the one that finally worked, but he was still afraid. He had the ring sitting inside of his pocket, ready to be given, but he was becoming very scared of this woman. He knew if he didn’t do this soon, he would never have another chance with her again. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he lost the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

The woman was with his boyfriend as they walked through the park. She was wondering why he seemed this nervous. Had something happened? Was there a problem in their relationship that he hadn’t told her about? Were they going to break up or something worse than that? That’s a bunch of crazy thoughts that I need to forget. He wouldn’t leave. I want this to last forever, but I hope this will last like we both promised each other at the beginning. 

This woman was sitting down on a bench, just sewing something for her young grandson. She noticed this couple walking by her that seemed slightly out of place. The man seemed quite nervous. Even though she didn’t want to assume things about people she never met, she thought it was very weird that she immediately noticed this couple. Is that a ring case in his pocket? Are they getting engaged? Married? It’s not my business to know, but the woman does seem clueless. I hope it’s a good reason they stick out and not a dangerous one.

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