Last Forever

As time continues to pass

I get more and more afraid of it.

Each and every day/ Whenever I’m with you

I hope for the best.


I want us to last forever,

but is that realistic?

I’ve been with people before/ twice now

but never like this/we’re really close.


You and me had a burdensome start;

I can never make up for it/I’ll try.

I hope you understand this fact:

I do love you, age or not

I don’t give a damn about that.

But will it last?


I’m prone to disaster/I’m learning.

I hurt those I love;

I cause damage to those that care.


I fear this every day:

Will it be the last day this lasts?

You tell me I’m safe/that you won’t leave

but what do i trust?

old habits/ new trusted honesty?


Habits are hard to break/Fact.

I love you/Fact.

I want to do this:

In order to help us last.


You’ve done a lot/you don’t realize.

I hope you understand this…:

I don’t want to hurt you;

I can’t avoid that dreadful fact;

It scares me to no end.


Do you love me the same way?

I have a hard past…:

My parents taught me:

……..Be strong/Be Independent/Don’t Rely…..

It’s all i truly know/ All i’ve ever known.

I know you say you do, i’m scared.

I know I trust you, but it hurts.


You’re my best friend;

You’re the one I love.

We’re young in age,

but old in our hearts.

I owe you so much/more than i can say.


I hope you understand someday

…how much you mean to me../how much you mean..


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