Re: Generous Genies

This post is a response to the prompt Generous Genies. Thinking about this prompt made me wonder a few things. How do you decide who you help when there are many people in need? Should you help that person who means the most to you or the person that’s most responsible? In this case, I think … Continue reading Re: Generous Genies


You know what bothers me? The ideas people have about me: my life, my past, who i am. This is like right now.   Everyone thinks I don’t feel; They think I have no emotions; What right do most have? Even ones who claimed to understand.. to know me.   It’s not an easy thing: … Continue reading Lonely

Long Nights

Although this post was written a long time ago, I believe it shows the topic of using another person’s words to turn into a poem. In the book boy’s life, during my Junior year of High School, I had to pick words from it and use them in a poem. It was meant to be … Continue reading Long Nights

Reach Out

I know you’re the same; I know you didn’t mean it: the harm you’ve caused.   I will always care/care about you. I’ll never forget; The things done for me.   I remember the past; The one we built before/years before; The one I’ll remember always.   You’re my best friend; You mean the world … Continue reading Reach Out


Know what hurts? That feeling of hurt; That feeling of betrayal, When someone leaves.   It usually goes this way: Best friends forever, I’ll never leave you/forever always;   Then guess what? They leave you cold… The ones you trusted the most.   It hurts doesn’t it?   My friend of 11 years; The first … Continue reading Betrayal


Sleep isn’t what it seems. For me it’s always the same; It’s a lot of pain.   Each night starts the same; I turn to games for relief. My friends try/ try to help; Nothing they can do.   My friend tells me this: Relax,calm down,sleep. It hurts even more/lasts forever. They won’t go away. … Continue reading Sleep

Last Forever

As time continues to pass I get more and more afraid of it. Each and every day/ Whenever I’m with you I hope for the best.   I want us to last forever, but is that realistic? I’ve been with people before/ twice now but never like this/we’re really close.   You and me had … Continue reading Last Forever