You know what bothers me? The ideas people have about me: my life, my past, who i am. This is like right now.   Everyone thinks I don’t feel; They think I have no emotions; What right do most have? Even ones who claimed to understand.. to know me.   It’s not an easy thing: … Continue reading Lonely

Long Nights

Although this post was written a long time ago, I believe it shows the topic of using another person’s words to turn into a poem. In the book boy’s life, during my Junior year of High School, I had to pick words from it and use them in a poem. It was meant to be … Continue reading Long Nights

Reach Out

I know you’re the same; I know you didn’t mean it: the harm you’ve caused.   I will always care/care about you. I’ll never forget; The things done for me.   I remember the past; The one we built before/years before; The one I’ll remember always.   You’re my best friend; You mean the world … Continue reading Reach Out


Know what hurts? That feeling of hurt; That feeling of betrayal, When someone leaves.   It usually goes this way: Best friends forever, I’ll never leave you/forever always;   Then guess what? They leave you cold… The ones you trusted the most.   It hurts doesn’t it?   My friend of 11 years; The first … Continue reading Betrayal


Sleep isn’t what it seems. For me it’s always the same; It’s a lot of pain.   Each night starts the same; I turn to games for relief. My friends try/ try to help; Nothing they can do.   My friend tells me this: Relax,calm down,sleep. It hurts even more/lasts forever. They won’t go away. … Continue reading Sleep

Last Forever

As time continues to pass I get more and more afraid of it. Each and every day/ Whenever I’m with you I hope for the best.   I want us to last forever, but is that realistic? I’ve been with people before/ twice now but never like this/we’re really close.   You and me had … Continue reading Last Forever