You know what bothers me?

The ideas people have about me:

my life, my past, who i am.

This is like right now.


Everyone thinks I don’t feel;

They think I have no emotions;

What right do most have?

Even ones who claimed to understand..

to know me.


It’s not an easy thing:

I know that; taking that time.


I do feel;

I especially do now.

I feel lonely; believe it or not.


No problem being alone;

I hate feeling like this;

I have no control over myself.

Don’t feel like myself at all..

It makes me afraid.


Most of my “friends:” gone.

They ditched me knowingly

or not; I don’t care.

It’s difficult for me

feeling like this; depressed.


Very few have stayed;

Some literally; Some in heart.

Grateful or not, it’s hard;

I despise change.

This is a chapter of change.


I know others hate change;

Why am i singled out?

My classmates, My family

think I feel nothing;

This is far from the truth.


I don’t show my feelings;

You have to look closer;

I’m sorry about that.

I am how I am.

Accept it

or leave; I’ll let you.


Every person has feelings;

Remember this.

It might be evil, friendly, or scared.

Everyone has them;

Don’t single people out;

We all can be alone

or feel lonely.

2 thoughts on “Lonely”

  1. Loneliness is just a place you can go to find yourself. Not the external you that others see, but the real you deep inside, the one that can never die or never be hurt. At least that’s what my loneliness taught me.

    1. That’s very true. The whole point of writing this one was because of people that thought I was heartless or anything like that.

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